“Juggalo Crime Watch” Cool Tag – Not So Cool For Our Rep

A homie (named Mathew) just hit us up with this picture he tagged.  I do think the picture is FRESH but it leads me to a larger perspective concerning “Juggalo Tagging”.

(click to enlarge)

While the picture is comical … and I’m obviously proud to be a Juggalo, I think this sends the “wrong” message to people.  If we’re claiming we’re not a gang the continual Juggalo tags don’t help our plea.  Even though we know what time it is (regarding the gang assessment) the majority of public does not.  Gang tagging is often the first thing associated with a picture like the one above.  By tagging “Juggalo” on signs/walls/etc it almost seems like we’re putting ourselves in the same boat we’re trying to jump out of.


So Mathew – thanks for sending this in but I hope you understand my point.  Fresh ass picture but maybe it’s counter-productive for the Juggalo community?

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