Happy Juggalo Day From ICP

The day is here, ‘Los and ‘Lettes! JUGGALO DAY IS UPON US! This is the day where Ninjas world-fuckin’-wide will celebrate being a Juggalo and Juggalette! In Detroit we will be celebrating Juggalo Day with ICP’s Juggalo Day Fowling Party at The Fowling Warehouse beginning tonight at 10:00PM EST (check the tour page for full details)! But we want EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE to get their fuckin’ party on! It doesn’t matter where you live! Gather up your homies and do it up big!

Because it’s Juggalo Day we here at Psychopathic Records have decided we are going to release a FURY of BIG FUCKIN’ DEALS AND NEWS TODAY! You aren’t even going to be able to PREDICT the shit we have planned for you! So, make sure you keep checking back today as we are going to be unleashing BIG SHIT ALL DAY LONG FOR YOU, THE JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES!


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