Boondox speaks on Violent J, Leaving Psy and more on Twitter


Before I get into this I want to give a quick shout out to FunHowzeNews for this.  He basically challenged Boondox on his reasons for leaving Psy, and differences in the original story and recent tweets.  For example he said he couldn’t leave and move to Detroit for family reasons, and he recently tweeted about possibly moving to Milwaukee.  Boondox agreed to answer any questions no holds barred, and here’s how it went:


FunHowzeNews: Why did J say you cut all contact with them for 9 months, and why didn’t personally tell them you wanted out of PSY?

Boondox: If I was not in contact for 9 months, why was I cutting a verse for MDP in February? ICP are much busier than I could imagine, so periods of time can be mistaken. Is there more to it? Of course. Always is. But there’s things I feel out of respect for Psy, I keep to myself.

FunHowzeNews: True. There were reports of you being on a Death Pop song. So what’s the reason J said you ducked on them for 9 months?

Boondox: There was a period of a couple months there was little to no contact. No where near 9. And a lot of it was I was on a tour.

FunHowzeNews: From what Violent J said in the seminar, you had pretty much made up your mind, that you wanted out of PSY. Why did it take so long for you to make it official, and why didn’t you talk with the label about leaving?

Boondox: My mind wasn’t completely made up until a couple days before I announced it. Was it on my mind earlier? Yes. But, no decision until a couple of days before my Faygoluvers interview. I’ll admit that was wrong. It was a very emotional moment, where I let bullshit get to me. That was wrong of me.

(Writers note: Parts 1 and 2 of the Boondox/FL interview can be found HERE and HERE)

FunHowzeNews: You stated that the reason for leaving Psychopathic, was because you couldn’t be takin trips up or moving to Detroit. A lot of people here including myself, are a bit confused with your statement that you are moving to Milwakee. If you are able to move to Milwaukee, why not Detroit?

Boondox: Very valid question. Shit has happened in the past few months to where everything has shifted to Milwaukee. And here I have many friends and trusted friends of my blood family. I’m not alone up here. Housing and many other things are being given.

FunHowzeNews: Ok, fair enough. Did you travel to record the Underground Avengers? According to Bukshot, you were all in the studio.

Boondox: Yes I went to Louisville to record my verses in the same studio that Buk & Claas recorded

FunHowzeNews: I know you don’t owe us any explinations. But these type of things start creating discussions.

Boondox: Oh I agree 100. But if anyone wants to know something, just ask. I’ll try to be as open and honest as I can be

FunHowzeNews: So you can see where some people start having doubts? You travel to record the Underground Avengers,you are now moving as well?

Boondox: Yes but it’s in the details. I was in Louisville only 2 days. And as I explained about Milwaukee before. But I do see why ?’s

FunHowzeNews: Well, it makes people have doubts. “Oh he can travel” “He’s moving he can be moving to the D” It was just an excuse to leave

Boondox: With no details I can see how anyone, even I’d be like wtf? So on that, I’m glad we are having this discussion, & I thank you

FunHowzeNews:  And i/we appreciate that.(Very much so – Mike) Several artists report that Violent J is too controlling of an Artist’s vision and creativity. And many fans believe that is the real reason why you left Psychopathic? Any truth to that?

Boondox:  Violent J is a fucking genius with ideas coming out of his mind constantly. With such a great mind and so many ideas, he is influential to others, not controlling.

FunHowzeNews: Yes, we all know his ideas and creativity is great. He’s come up with all these different stories, and characters. BUT at the end of the day, they are HIS ideas. As an artist, don’t you want to put out your ideas, your vision?  Don’t mean to put words in your mouth. But that sounds to me, that you can’t be 100% you, on Psychopathic.

Boondox:  Its hard to be 100% you when there are many great minds and ideas being thrown your way. You take them, and as good or not so good as they are, they aren’t your ideas. I’m just shutting all of that off to test myself to see if I can do this and it be 100% me.

FunHowzeNews: So without being able to be 100% you, in your music on Psychopathic. Does that create frustration, or conflict?

Boondox: It eventually creates doubt. For someone who came in like I did, still wet behind the ears and absorbing every bit of knowledge I could. You eventually ask yourself how much is you and how much is others. I’ve been doing music since I was 14. So I know I’m creative and talented. But I need to prove to myself that I can do this, and prove to others that Psy, although a huge part of my success undoubtedly, but that they didn’t press some button and give me talent.

FunHowzeNews: For sure. No one here is denying your talent, or saying that you are nothing without PSY. I’m not a huge fan of the UA EP, but did say you still had some good verses. It’s just not for me.

Boondox:  I appreciate it. But even that was not just me of course. I am focussing on me next and that will be the test.


Late edit: In case anybody is curious about his exact label situation, he just addressed that as well:


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