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October 26, 2012





      The Hallowicked Tour has already hit the road, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a single thing! Tonight, October 26th, ICP is hittin’ Stage AE and there is always time to hit that show until the last bottle of Faygo has flown through the air!

If you can’t make it out tonight then it’s alright! There are two more chances this weekend for you to hit up The 2012 Hallowicked Tour! Saturday October 27th they’ll be in Milwaukee, WI at the Eagles Ballroom! And Sunday, October 28th they’ll be in Buffalo, NY at the Town Ballroom!

Every night is a full blown Hallowicked clown show comin’ to your big town to the fuckin’ max! It’s the Insane Clown Posse pullin’ out all the stops to bring you a devastating performance, monsters, zombies, and FAAAYGOOO! In addition to ICP you’ll also catch Zug Izland! Cold 187um! And Drive-by featuring ABK and Blaze Ya Dead Homie!

But don’t forget that it’s all leadin’ up to the BIG NIGHT! The OFFICIAL Hallowicked Show happening Wednesday, October 31st on Halloween Night! This is a fuckin’ TRADITION and nothin’ can hold it back. NOT A DAMN THING!

This year’s Hallowicked on October 31st will be goin’ down at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI! Everyone who steps in the door will get their free exclusive CD single from ICP themselves. This year’s track is called “Amber Alert” and was deemed too brutal for The Mighty Death Pop! But instead of letting it linger in the shadows ICP has decided to give a wicked treat to all the ‘Los and ‘Lettes comin’ on out.

Even when the show at The Fillmore ends, the night ain’t over! The party is goin’ to move to The Majestic with doors opening at 10:00PM! At the Hallowicked Afterparty you’ll not only catch mind blowing performances and get to party late into the night, but there will also be the brutal JCW WRESTLING! You’ll peep three massive matches including Rhino VS. Jimmy Jacobs! Kongo Kong VS. Necro Butcher! And a 6 Man Tag Team Main Event with the likes of 2 Tuff Tony! The Weedman! And The Rudeboy VS. Richie Boy Bryer Wellington! Butler Geeves! And Chris Carter!

As many of you know, the original plan was for Hallowicked to happen at The Royal Oak Music Theater in Royal Oak, MI and for the Afterparty to be at The Crofoot. But because the Royal Oak Police requested the concert be canceled citing the FBI’s 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment amongst other reasons.

Because of the change in venue we want to make it perfectly clear that your original tickets to The Royal Oak Music Threatre and Afterparty Tickets to The Crofoot will be accepted at the door! No need to worry or exchange them! You’re good homie!

It’s the most wicked spooktacular time of the year and the best way to celebrate is with the Insane Clown Posse and the family! Just hit up and peep the tour section to get your tickets now for the remaining dates of the 2012 Hallowicked Tour and the Hallowicked Show Halloween night! Don’t miss out, Ninjas!

Make Way For the
Psychopathic Assassin!
Something topical and fresh Good chance of
brains hittin’
the wall before
you even know
he’s there!
Volume 13
Issue 66
Flavor…Scroll Down
Even More Flavor…
Keep Scrolling Down


Hatchet Herald Page 2 October 26, 2012

      After the endless months of waiting, the newest era in the story of The Demented Duo is finally upon us! WELCOME TO ABOMINATIONZ! The brand new brutal album from Twiztid is now available in stores, on, and on iTunes! Without a stretch of the word, it’s taken the fuckin’ planet by storm!

Madrox and Monoxide are on top of their game with this brand new album and they have left no stone unturned when it comes to spewing about the ongoing hate and darkness that is currently encompassing the Earth.

With quick, hard hitting rhymes perfectly framed by smooth, heart racing beats the Abominationz album has everything you could expect, want, or need! Not only are Madrox and Monoxide lyrically deeper than ever before, but we’re pretty damn sure this is the fastest we’ve ever heard Twiztid spit their rhymes never once sacrificing speed for content. Impressive doesn’t even fuckin’ cover it!

This is the biggest offering to the Juggalos and Juggalettes that Twiztid have ever created and they were not fuckin’ around on this album. From beginning to end Abominationz never slows down. From the very first track Twiztid slam their foot down on the gas pedal and never back off!

The Abominationz album comes in two versions, the Madrox Version and the Monoxide Version! Each album features a different cover and contains a different bonus track that has the titled artist playin’ lead on the track. You can purchase the albums seperate or get the exclusive combo pack on!

The album also marks the continuation of the Dark Carnival Trading Card Series, number 11-20. Every Abominationz album will contain one Dark Carnival Trading Card. Some cards are much rarer than others, but what you’re really searching for are the special edition cards that are SIGNED BY THE ARTISTS! Those signed cards are insanely limited, but they’re out there! FIND ‘EM!

In celebration of the release of Abominationz Twiztid have managed to keep their plates hella full by jumpin’ right out the gate with Fright Fest! Tomorrow, Saturday October 27th, Twiztid are going to be hittin’ the road for four days in Reading, PA, Grand Rapids, MI, Minneapolis, MN, until they end up in Joliet, IL on Halloween night!

After their run through Fright Fest, Twiztid will be gearing up for the massive 2012 Abominationz Tour! It will

begin on November 2nd and be runnin’ until December 2nd, hittin’ as many cities as possible to bring their wicked message to all the ‘Los and ‘Lettes who need to see the magnitude of Abominationz firsthand!

If you really want to kick your Abominationz Tour experience up a notch, the way to go is the Abominationz Tour VIP Packages available now on! This will guarantee that your night celebratin’ Abominationz with Twiztid will be one you’ll never forget! And these VIP Packs are fuckin’ STACKED!

The package includes a VIP laminate! A limited edition Madrox trading card! A limited edition Monoxide trading card! A limited edition 18?x14? Abominationz poster! An Abominationz vinyl sticker! An Abominationz wristband! An 8?x10? full-color promo flat! A custom Twiztid lanyard! And you get to meet and greet with Twiztid!

The best part is that when you put in an order for the VIP package you don’t have to worry about having anything shipped to you! Your VIP Pass will be waiting right at Will Call for you on the day of the shows and you will pick up all your extra flavor right at the venue! Just make sure to be there an hour and a half early so you don’t miss out on the meet & greet!

But you know how Twiztid rolls, they’re always shakin’ and movin’ on somethin’. What’s that extra somethin’? Well, as of TODAY tickets for New Year’s Evil 5 are officially on sale through! It’s goin’ down Monday, December 31st at Peabody’s in Cleveland, OH! More details will be comin’ around for that soon!

Abominationz is available in stores, on, iTunes, and wherever digital media is sold! For more info about Fright Fest, the 2012 Abominationz Tour, Abominationz Tour VIP Packages, New Year’s Evil 5, and MORE keep your eyes on,, and!


Hatchet Herald Page 3 October 26, 2012

      This is it! The debut of Cold 187um on Psychopathic Records, The Only Solution, is available for purchase on! It’s The Psychopathic Assassin and he’s gettin’ the job done by any means necessary!

This album is a look at the life and times of Cold 187um straight through his eyes in this deluxe mix tape! A storytellers album unlike anything he has

ever done before set to the classic beats of Psychopathic Records from the likes of the Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and more!

Included with every album is a fresh comic book that follows the story of the album. With every switch of the song and turn of the page, you’ll get to see the epic tale of The Psychopathic Assassin unfold before your eyes and unravel inside your ear holes!

Also included with every purchase of The Only Solution from you’ll get a doooope exclusive bandana! That way you can properly rep the newest addition to The Hatchet Family!

If you want your chance to catch Cold 187um LIVE then now is your chance! He’s ridin’ with the Insane Clown Posse and will be performing during the Hallowicked Tour happening NOW!

And don’t forget that when you purchase your Cold 187um’s The Only Solution album along with Twiztid’s Abominationz also available today, you are qualified for the Hatchet Hook-up! Just purchase both albums within the first two weeks for the hook-up (October 22nd – November 5th). Your

receipt(s) are your proof of purchase and should be sent to the following address:

Hatchet Hook-up
P.O.Box 620
Farmington, MI 48332

All receipts must be received by November 19th for the hook-up! What is the hook-up you ask? It’s a fresh CD containing audio of all FOUR Psychopathic Psyphers and this is the only place you will be able to get it! As an extra bonus to those ordering on, all orders on will get the Hatchet Hook-up automatically without having to send anything in!

It’s Cold 187um with his album The Only Solution! Grab yours NOW on!


Hatchet Herald Page 4 October 26, 2012

      There are three upcoming chances to see The Hatchet Warrior LIVE! Get a fuckin’ pen and write this shit on your arm if you have to so you don’t fuckin’ forget it!

First up is Killa’s Orange & Black Holiday Jingle Tour! Who doesn’t fuckin’ love the holidays? Well, what better way to celebrate than takin’ all of them and smashin’ them together in one big pile of wig flippin’ flavor!?

Friday, November 9th ABK will be at The Underground in Sandusky, OH! The next day, Saturday, November 10th he’ll be in Mac’s Bar of Lansing, MI! Happy Ho-Ho-Halloween!

VIP Packages for both of those dates are available on ABKVIP.Com! With a VIP Warrior Tribal Pack you get Two stickers (1 Warrior, 1 ABK)! Two Exclusive ABK 8×10 Flats! ABK Poster! VIP Laminate! Warrior Weekend DVD! Exclusive Single! And a personal meet & greet with ABK before the show!

And another hit of holiday flavor comes in the form of a Thanksgiving Tradition! ABK and Critical Bill will be playing a FREE SHOW on Thursday, November 22nd at New York, New York in Chesterfield, MI! Door are at

6PM and it’s an all ages show! Get your fill of turkey then come ROCK THE FUCK OUT!

An ABK show is always a good fuckin’ time, so start makin’ your plans now to check out these shows! For tickets and more details hit up!


Hatchet Herald Page 5 October 26, 2012

      We’re back with PART 2 of our ongoing special edition Family Focus. There are so many Ninjas out there who are being discriminated against because of the FBI shit and it’s not right!

That’s why we want your stories! We want to names and faces to what’s happening nationwide! It’s time to take a stand! BE PROUD AND BE HEARD! Without further delay, here are YOUR STORIES!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rachel Whitehead
Hudson, MI

I’ve been a Juggalette for almost 9 years now and I always have something

showing it because of my tats you can’t see. But I was walking into Walmart and I was asked to leave because I was a threat to the safety of all the people in Walmart. When I refused to leave they called the cops on me and I was cuffed and sent to jail for 18 days. I ended up having to be put on probation because apparently I threatened everyone in the store just by walking in there.

Lovie Abraham
Dallas, TX

I was about 4 or 5 months pregnant and I was wearing an airbrushed Hatchetman t-shirt while riding the dart train. I got followed off the train on the upper platform by two police officers who then began to harass me about what I was doing there and what I was up to.

Then they began to accuse me of being a gang member, and that me and my “homies” as the put it are out of control and dangerous. I was like WTF. First off I’m pregnant and second off I’m just trying to get home fuckers! They followed me to the Richardson dart station before they left me alone.

Lonnie Adam
North Beach, MD

We ain’t allowed to walk down the street more than three deep or else we get fucked with. Searched, pictures of tats all dat. Then we must separate.

Brittni Roberson
Troy, TN

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had one of the doctors refuse to deliver my child after she saw my hatchet girl and my carnival of carnage tats.


Hatchet Herald CLASSIFIEDS October 26, 2012


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