Ron Jeremy remains unconscious after heart aneurysm

Ron has been to the last couple Gatherings, and was cool to Myself and TJF staff!  Hope you have a full recovery!


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Adult film actor Ron Jeremy underwent two emergency surgeries following a heart aneurysm. He remained unconscious Wednedsay night. The star of over 1,700 X-rated porn films has also appeared in over 50 mainstream movies, including ‘The Boondock Saints’ and ‘The Chase.’

For once in his life, Ron Jeremy is not stiff yet.

The porn pioneer survived two emergency surgeries Wednesday to treat an aneurysm near his heart and was “resting with complete privacy and no visitors” after procedures that “went smoothly,” manager Mike Esterman told the Daily News.

But the beloved swinger next door was not ready to rise again just yet, and remained unconscious Wednesday night, Esterman said.

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