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Twiztid Seminar Highlights

Shout out once again to Danielle Keene on twitter for the live tweets from the Twiztid Seminar. Someone asked Jamie if he was gunna keep rapping fast "your new style" now that h[...]

Morning Freshness

This years Hatchet Attacks was announce recently, in celebration of that, here is some footage of Twiztid from last years HA.  Still no info about GOTJ yet :\  

ABK Announces Summer Tour

ABK has recently announced the dates for his summer tour. Underground Summer Jam takes off on 5/31 in Ann Arbor, Mi and ends on 7/24 at the Emerson Theater in Indianapolis, In.[...]

Free JCW Event Cancelled?

Just wanted to let people know that I'm starting to get word that the free JCW event in Evansville, Indiana on Feb 25th is going to be cancelled.  NOTHING IS OFFICIAL YET! I am kee[...]