TJF – Give-A-Way – Riddlebox Hat



So Recently regardless of what we have been promoting in pictures, TJF’s Asset is always wearing her Riddlebox Hat.  It has always drawn a lot of attention in facebook comments. So what better way to say thank you to the TJF community then to give a way a brand new one, still with tags??  Hell yeah, so thats what we are doing.

These used to sell on however, has not been in stock for quite some time.  I have 2 new ones in my possesion. If the give-a-way gets enough attention maybe we will do another.


This give-a-way is sponsored by MenacE – a NY based Rapper that has always been cool as fuck to TJF.

Now I know it sucks doing these give-a-ways from a “go like this, and this, and share this” however one of you gets a kick ass hat, and hopefully many of you are exposed to some new artists you did not know about and like.

Everything will be confirmed – and a winner will be picked on 3/30/2013.

1.) Click and Like:  MenacE

2.) Click and Like: Sedated

3.) Click and Like: Hex Rated

4.) Click and Like: T.O.N.E.z

5.) Click and Like: Cousin Cleetus

6.) Click and Like: SPH

On your facebook post this link: publicly (so all can see – so i can confirm you did)

Lastly on this page a little below this line – “Leave a Reply” – any comment will work (have the post to facebook click box checked) – this is the key to the contest, if you dont do this, I cant click over and confirm you did the rest of it.   Good luck Ninjas!

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