Twiztid: Abominationz Leg 3 Review by Checkers (Photos by Hazin)

Leg 3 of the Tour kicked off right after the Gathering.  It stopped in Omaha and then Des Moines.  The pictures below are from Des Moines, while Checkers attended Omaha.  Here is what she had to say:




Image from Abominationz Leg 2 in Des Moines, Iowa

Twiztid Abominationz Leg 3 Review: August 15, 2013 Omaha, NE

    It’s not often I get to go see my favorite groups in my hometown of Omaha, NE. Most shows stop everywhere around this city, just not in it. I heard about this show prior to the annual Gathering of the Juggalos and was ecstatic to have it to look forward to on my return. It’s always difficult getting back to “normal” life after the gathering.

    August 15, the day of the show was full of anticipation. I was busy at work most of the day so at least time went by quickly. I arrived home with just enough time to get ready and head out to the Waiting Room. My sister and I always go over and beyond with our outfits and this night was no exception. Dressed in hair falls, corsets, and bright colors and looking FABULOUS, we were on our way. As we approached the venue, I must say, I was slightly disheartened at the comments I could overhear coming from a few Juggalettes smoking cigs in front of the Waiting Room. They made reference to us being over the top and “they dressed to impress” with very sarcastic tones as they watched us approaching. I could not hear everything they said but as we walked past them, giggling and downward turned eyes made it blatantly obvious they did not approve. The whistles from down the street and “that’s sexy” comments we could now hear from others made these three Lettes stop pretty quickly with their laughter. Thankfully, my sister and I are too awesome to give two seconds of attention to their reaction. We walked past with our heads held high and entered the venue. Gotta love the haters.

    The venue was busy with people standing idly throughout the space. Many were dressed up with clown makeup on, others were in suits which was new to me, and then there was others dressed in costumes like us. We got our wrist bands, grabbed a beer, and headed to the Merch booth. It was very basic for Twiztid. However, their merch guy was very nice. He got me my small concert shirt and we headed up to the front of the stage. There were maybe 30 or so people up at the front of the stage area. In particular, there were a bunch of young, teenage Juggalettes. I immediately ran into a friend of mine from junior high so we became consumed in catching up with her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see these younger Lettes looking at us. After my friend went off with her boyfriend, a few girls started talking with us about our costumes. One in particular, one chicky decided to say to me that my hatchet man tattoo on my chest looks like shit. She literally said to me I needed to get it redone and fill it in. I looked at her and had to refrain from going off on her. I told her it is filled in, it’s just the red lighting making it appear so and it’s aged because I’ve had it 10 years. I then made it my mission to remove this chicky from the front of the stage. I succeeded.

    To interrupt the chaos that could have ensued with her, the first group started rather abruptly. AquaLeo was up first. These two gentlemen were very well dressed and the music was deep. They stayed “in character” the entire set, their performance reminiscent of pantomiming while totally in sync, interacting with the crowd intermittently, and did well with engaging the crowd. For this being my first time seeing them and hearing about them, I found myself bouncing around to the music after only the first song. It was very nice to see the rhythm the two had with each other. It was like watching a play unfold while listening to their music. Now getting a picture that was not blurry of the two of them was a whole other story. They are very animated and moved around frequently during the set. It was one of the most captivating new artists I have seen and I look forward to watching them again.

    After their set, more booze was consumed to make up for all the movement of the previous set. We then waited for Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll to start. The crowd was continuing to grow in size. My sister and I took the opportunity to take some self-portraits of us during the wait. My friend, Peaches, then showed up and hung out with us. Soon Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll came out. Their set was entertaining, just as seeing them at the gathering was the week prior. They consumed a few drinks while on stage and upset security when they lit a joint and started smoking it on stage. This was then passed out into the crowd. About 4-5 people were able to get a hold of it before security confiscated it and threw it away. Thankfully, they did not see the need to throw anyone out over it. Very nice of the Waiting Room security if you ask me. The best part of their set was when they asked if anyone in the crowd had been to the gathering. My sister, a few others in the crowd, and myself were the only ones who screamed. We got daps for it!  Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll then took a pic with the crowd and posted it to Instagram. I am in the bottom right corner. I was clear they were pretty far gone during their set, but the music was still great. Jelly Roll even jumped out into the mosh pit at one point to join the crowd for the rest of the song.

    We then waited with anticipation for Twiztid to come out. The stage crews cleared the stage of all unnecessary items. My sister and I joked around about the two small “X” on the stage for them to know where they need to stand. The stage is very small so it seemed to not be needed. Soon the lights went out, the crowd roared with WHOOP WHOOPs and “magic magic ninja’s what” chants. We were directly in front on the left side of the stage when it started. Twiztid began the set with “Bad Side” and it completely set the tone for the night. Song after song, they bounce around the stage, staying in character and trying avoid all the grabbing and arms reaching toward them from the front of the stage. Unlike most shows where there is a barricade between the stage and the crowd, we were able to be right up against the stage. At any time, we were able to reach out and touch them if they were close enough. My friend, Peaches, took advantage of this to the fullest. She has one of the largest crushes on Jamie Madrox, second to none. He knelt down directly in front of her during one of the songs and she was able to grab onto him. I was able to snap a picture of this moment. For her, it was a magical moment and the closest she has ever come to him. She’s never even gotten the chance to meet him. I am happy I was able to capture this moment for her with a picture. The funny part is in the pic, you can see Paulie on the other side of the stage just laughing his ass off over it. The set continued with a fair balance of old music, new music, slow and fast music. A few of the newer songs, post psychopathic label, seemed a little slow and almost too poppy for me. I can’t say I was a big fan of the change in style. It seems to have more of a mainstream feel to it. The only disappointments of the set was they were not as interactive with the crowd as they have been in the past. They only stopped twice to joke around and it was very short lived. However, it was funny when Jamie made mention of a fan grabbing his ass. A girl who had come up to me begged me to let her get close enough to touch them. So I pulled her up in front of me and she straight grabbed and pretty much dug her fingers into Jamie’s ass. It was hilarious to watch his eyes almost bug out of his head and even joked about it post show with a giggling “One of ya’ll grabbed my ass!!” I was able to be sitting on the stage next to them as they completed their set. Security saw me sitting up on the stage and didn’t even move to ask me to get down. Twiztid was done and off of the stage by 10:30pm. It seemed to be a very early night for them.

    After their set, they did not come back on for any encores or make any appearances with the crowd for autographs or pictures. It was a disappointment they were not doing the VIP for this leg of the tour. My sister and I were hoping on it so we could sit and chat with them for a little bit. They went out to their bus and remained there until close to midnight. My sister and I continued to hang out with the family until 12:30am. Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte hung out with the crowd for the rest of the night and continued to drink with everyone. Outside Lil Wyte approached me and asked if he could kiss my boobs. Before I was able to respond he face planted into my boobs, now I know what it feels like to be my sister! My friend, Peaches, was able to capture this moment. He was then escorted by his security guys to his bus. He was beyond messed up at this point.

    The entire night was a lot of fun with the family. The show lived up to the performances of the 2nd leg of the tour I saw in Des Moines back in April…in most ways. It would have been nice to have a little bit larger of a crowd and to have a little more interaction from Twiztid, but all in all, I have no major complaints. I look forward to seeing them again hopefully in the near future. Keep it wicked fam! As always Whoop Whoop!!!! ~~Checkers


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