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True Juggalo Family is a website built by regular scrubbalos – WE HAVE NO OFFICIAL TIES with Psychopathic.

We founded the website to unite positive role models and good hearted family throughout the Juggalo community.

We hope to create a positive entity that represents the real side of the Juggalo Family. We’re not tryin to decide who is or who isn’t a Juggalo (or the name would be truejuggalo.com, think about it)? The truth is we tried to register two (VERY different) URLs before we found TJF’s availability. In no way do we want to offend ANYONE or be condescending to fam. We try to keep all of our networking sites, website, and forum free of hate. We welcome “OG” members as well as newcomers. Being a Juggalo can mean something different to each individual lo/lette and we RESPECT that.

We view haters a little differently than the majority of people in this industry. We feel like, if we create a positive community (online), it will allow newcomers and typically shy individuals to feel safe enough to become a part of the family. Lord knows if you wanna talk trash and provoke arguments you can do that shit on almost every other Juggalo related site. Why not try to run this one differently?

We maintain a very close/personal relationship with all of our members. Our staff probably has phone numbers, or some type of voice communication, with more than half of our forum members. It’s a LOT of work to develop a community that (figuratively speaking) is free of hate. We’ll never avoid the onslaught of hate that comes with running a Family site but we intend to keep the community as tight knit as possible. If you’ve ever been banned or had any disciplinary actions taken against you and you’d like to discuss them with our staff, there’s about 4 different ninjas that can talk to you ON THE PHONE or whatever needs to happen to settle a conflict.

We’ve made our own mistakes along the way but it’s impossible to get this shit right as the way we’re going about building our community has never been done before. Everyone deserves a chance to be a part of TJF (if you’re into the “Family era”) and ANYONE is welcome to join.

As for our goal:
Mainstream media chooses to portray us (with selfish intent) in a manner that only elicits their self promotion – they’re NOT REPORTING THE TRUTH about the majority of Juggalos. It makes you wonder how the fock society ever let it get this far out of hand. As Juggalos we have no centralized voice nor do we have a centralized outlet to show the world our contributions to society. I guess, as Juggalos, it’s not about what everyone thinks of us…. but for fock sake can’t the truth be shown, even if it’s just fraction of the time?

If you’re a part of the Family you know that 95% of the community is good hearted people and we object to acts of violence as well as any other person on Earth. Who gives a shit if we’re a little rugged around the edges, common sense should tell you it’s not right to inflict harm on another individual. Rock throwing, bullying, or physically attacking another person should never be accepted in ANY culture! If the media really gave a shit about finding the truth behind Juggalo Family morals – how come we haven’t seen a single article written with a compilation of positive influences or endless acts of random kindness throughout the community?

We report on the TRUE JUGGALO FAMILY and not the negative influences solicited in mainstream media. All Psychopathic and Hatchet House news will be covered and the rest of the “news” is posted upon request or because we’ve established a relationship with that particular artist. No bias, sexism, racism, etc. etc…. (ok – you might find a sexist joke from us once in a while)…LoL

Everyone has problems in their lives and we’re all capable of doing some shady shit. Nobody is perfect and we don’t try to paint a fake picture about Juggalos, rather, try to exploit the mass majority of us doing GOOD THINGS..  The fact remains that any underground family should TRY to support one another. If you’re not into a band, website, performer, fellow Juggalo, etc – just don’t be a part of their group. There’s no reason to spread negativity and hate.

It seems the true nature of UNDERGROUND doesn’t even exist anymore and all that’s left of it is the morals and unity. Good luck finding any band who doesn’t own a Facebook page, Reverb Nation, Website, or anything similar. If the foot work and word of mouth promotion has been placed on the back burner of the underground, and we choose to hate on one another, what’s left of the underground in general?  TJF is our way of spreading Juggalo Love.

Our staff believes that Juggalos make up a decent portion of some of the best people on Earth. Whether you agree or not we’ll continue to do our part in spreading as much Clown Luv as possible.  Whoop whoop to everyone that’s a part of our community!



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