True Juggalo Family is a worldwide community-based media outlet serving the Juggalo community and all things that interest them. Established in 2011, as a means to bring together like minded individuals. In the process, we have curated an audience that is highly interested in all things music related, pop culture, horror based entertainment, wrestling, video games and more. We provide content through the means of reviews, interviews, and more

TJF has had the privilege and honor to provide coverage for many amazing events such as Warped Tour, Wizard World, Sound on Sound Fest, and our personal favorite Texas Frightmare Weekend, which TJF had the honor of being the media sponsor for 2017 horror con!

In addition, we have covered many tours, events and festivals such as the Gathering of the Juggalos. Not too long ago, TJF even sponsored a charity tour benefitting the St. John’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Feel free to get to know the TJF Staff below!

Tracy Fuller,Menace,

I love music, I love crowded venues, loud music and sweaty-soaked fans. I love the sound of a venue opening its doors to the public.

I held several hats with 462 Concerts over the course of 12 years. I have established several working relationships in several different areas of entertainment.

I have nearly a decade of experience in the Entertainment & Private Event industries. I’m registered through the State of Texas & Tennessee with the Private Security Bureau. I have had supplementary training in defensive strategy,Krav Maga, situational awareness, CPR and I’m a Travis County Emergency Responder. I have supervised at a number of concert venues and festivals, such as Emo’s East, Stubb’s,ACL Festival, Bonnaroo, Austin Fan Fest, SXSW, and the Austin Trail of Lights.

I currently work at the Stubbs Music Amphitheater and work in the Box Office for the Circuit of the Americas and the Austin360 music venue.

I believe in creating opportunities for the masses, artists and fans alike.

Photo Journalist
Kimberly Raber, aka CameraNinja, is a passionate photographer. Her favorite type of photography is concert photography. CameraNinja is in love with candid shots at said concerts. To capture a person’s true feelings and self is what she lives for in her photography world.
She has been doing photography for over five years. Kimberly joined TJF in 2015 with a vengeance. As a writer for the site, she has had much fun writing articles to bring the news to the fam.
As a photographer for TJF, she has shot many events from concerts to conventions. Thus far, her favorite event to shoot was The Gathering of the Juggalos 2016. The year of the butterfly. CameraNinja has shot events such as Texas Frightmare Weekend, SXSW, The Gathering of the Juggalos and various shows from Strange Music, Majik Ninja Entertainment, Psychopathic Records, KMK and every artist in our coveted “underground” genre.
Miss Lotus,
Photo Journalist

Miss Lotus,

From the young age of 14 years old, Kelley has been a part of the Juggalo family. From attending shows and being an avid listener she found a place within the community and since then she never looked back.

Now being a Photographer and Journalist for True Juggalo Family she has joined her passion of music and Photography to help capture great photos of artists she grew up listening to. Under her new pen name of Miss Lotus, Kelley has enjoyed her short time here with True Juggalo Family and looks forward to keeping bringing you some awesome stories and coverage of shows!

Naptown Mike,
Editor In Chief

Naptown Mike,

Mike started covering underground rap in 2012.  He is currently a journalism student at IUPUI where he focuses on sports journalism.  His writing has appearing in NUVO newsweekly as well as True Juggalo Family.


Witchy gladly writes for True Juggalo Family. She has been involved with the website since it’s inception, down with the idea of a Juggalo run website for the Family. She is down with the clown and dedicated to the Dark Carnival. She greatly enjoys writing articles for the Family covering many topics of Juggalo interest. She especially likes covering Strange Music for she is also a Technician who has fell in love with Strange Music just as she did ICP and Twiztid. No matter what she writes it is with the Family in mind.

Witchy is an avid Gathering attendee. The last two Gatherings she had lent her services as a tarot reader at the Tarot Tent located in Bizzaro World. She just loves to read for the Family. Her personal expression of faith in the Dark Carnival is unique and witchy to say the least. There lies the root of her Juggalo name. Being a Dark Carnival witch is her unique part in the Juggalo Family at large.

Danielle Foster,DaniWicked,
Photo Journalist

Dani Wicked is a TJF journalist and photographer, specializing in all things related to Majik Ninja Entertainment. She has been down for nearly a decade after having been introduced to it all by her older brother. Since then, she has totally immersed herself into the juggalo world and proudly calls herself a juggalette. Dani is very much the creative type, dabbling in not only photography, but painting and creative writing, as well. She is a bookworm, but certainly not afraid of adventure. If you need someone to talk to or simply vent, Dani Wicked is your girl. Despite hardships in her life, she’s always one to make you laugh, but also share a cry if you need it. More than anything, Dani is one down ninjette and nothing can break the bond she has with her Family!

Video Journalist
MzHollywood hosts her own YouTube channel called SDMETALROCKS, where she showcases local bands,  highlights innovative music industry companies and interviews celebrity artists and musicians. She also hosted a 10-week tour of the US, hosting the live webcast and interviews for the Project Independent 2014 Living Loud HD Webcast.
MzHollywood is also a proud member of Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). She has appeared in featured roles on several reality shows on MTV, GSN, CW and A&E. Since 2000, MzHollywood has been an active background actor in television, movies, commercials and music videos. She has participated in several fashion shows and mannequin modeling events.
MzHollywood is a well-known Juggalette and has been down with the hatchet for over 17+ years.
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