reasons why you need to go to the gathering

The Gathering of the Juggalo has reached it’s magical number of years, 17. The symbol of the year the infamous Butterfly to which Psychopathic has dedicated all their work to flutters about the official website and the Promo video. It’s a magical event set at its pinnacle. The last year though uneasy with the idea of law enforcement proved to be a peaceful and balanced year. There appeared to be an even split of first timers and old schoolers last year and like every year an overall peaceful utopia. The 16 straight successes that inspired a wave of mixed news coverage ranging from a spectacle to make light of to a scene that inspires courage to show uniqueness.

If you have been to the Gathering you know that it is something you MUST do again. I said my first year and have heard it utter out of many Juggalos since. The pure magic of being with thousands of other Juggalos is a magic no other music festival. Another new unexpected group attending last year’s gathering was a fair amount of Rainbow Kids, or in other words hippieish festival goers. Some of them had some good acid too. But I digress. The Gathering last year started before the official Gathering opening starting a parking lot party that lasted the whole Gathering. Gathering 2015 was straight up the Year of the Juggalo. The Juggalos are what makes the Gathering the dopest festival the Dark Carnival can muster. It’s fucking Juggalo Paradise!

What makes this most amazing spectacle under the sky so magical? What makes it something you just can’t pass up no matter how broke you are? Ninjas have quit their jobs just to go to the Gathering of the Juggalos. The level of freshness the Gathering offers has no competitor. That’s why it attracts ever curious attention and admiration.   If all of this hasn’t touched your party bone then maybe you need…

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need To Go To The Gathering Of The Juggalo

1. Amazing Acts by Unexpected Performers

The Gathering has hosted some remarkable talent from all genres. There are, of course, Juggalo favorites including ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze, and etc. Plus, not so often seen Psychopathic groups like Dark Lotus. The Gathering is the only place some Juggalos can witness the magic of a Dark Lotus concert. But, the real extra flavor is the special guests. We don’t know who will be performing this year. I’m sure Tech N9ne will be he’s been performing at the Gathering for most of his career. KMK is another staple act I’m sure we’ll see again this year. No matter who it is they’re sure to be entertaining for the drug soaked mind. 2015 presented amazing acts by, Flosstradamus, In This Moment, Waka Flocka, Puddle of Mudd, and many others. Though we don’t know this year’s line up yet we will for sure get some ulta-rare freshness with the promise of complete performance of the Wizard of the Hood album.

2. You can be you, Ninja!

Dress or don’t dress however you want. NO one will judge or tell you to do jack shit! If someone fucks up at the Gathering there isn’t just Juggalo Court but the settle unspoken rule of the heard to chant “You Fucked Up!” to anyone who maybe doing something well….Fucked Up! But freedom of expression is not doubt not only accepted but encouraged. There have even been Costume Contests, Tattoo Contests, and other scheduled events to show off your strange creative side normally hidden to society. Famously, the Gathering doesn’t lack freaks roaming the dirty paths dressed (or undressed) to impress. You can also join the freedom as much or little as you like. Just let is all hang out!

3. Nudge, Nudge Wink, Wink Ahem *Drugs!*

Not everyone going to the Gathering is necessarily doing drugs, alright. With that disclaimer out of the way let’s just state the obvious that the Gathering is notorious for. With the Police involvement and change in venue the ever popular drug bridge has collapsed. But, I a sure you that any and every music festivals has drugs. Get a fucking grip! Even when there was a drug a bridge, drugs like heroin and meth were discouraged. Though anything else was game. The Gathering will be rampant with green and dabs just not so openly displayed as before while still easy to spot and get our hands on. So needless to say I am ever confident the party will go on. Just make sure to be responsible. Drink plenty of $2 water (or your own because vendors like to overcharge for water!) Just a heads up ravers.

4. Rare merchandise

Not only does Psychopathic usually release some kind of freshness at the Gathering, there is plenty of underground items to collect. Being the Gathering it’s the good old Arabian market haggling hustle too. It’s a place you can trade a jersey in exchange for a gram of hash. Juggalos with random old and new psy merch is not all though. In addition to supporting your underground artist at the merch booths you can support random artsy ninjas who sell their artwork also. For instance, there are paintings and tarot cards by Rachael Paul, the tarot lady, Insane Eric’s Coloring books, Bluntman’s One Stop Shop, and many other ninjas with tattoos, pipes, clothes, stickers, dread falls, and much, much more freshness you can’t get anyway else besides maybe the internet.

5. JCW ~ Wrestling at it’s finest

The Gathering anymore has a JCW ring scheduled up with many dope wrestling shows. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan you want to try to, at least, catch one wrestling show. Last year’s Gathering ended with Bloody Mania 9. But just about every night features some kind of bloody matches in the wrestling arena. Any wrestling fan or bored ninja alike can’t miss the carnage of Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

6. Carnival Food~ Stoner bowl, Deep Fry Goodies, and Clogged Arteries Galore!

The Gathering always has a line up of vendors selling every carnival food you have ever feasted on. For a long time you saw a plethora of “Bitch Beater” Turkey legs on the ground. Being an obvious stoner grab but not a taste bud pleaser is not sold too much anymore. Now, we have a stoner bowl at every food truck. The Greek joint the vendor winning my vote for best stoner bowl. It’s the only place in the world you can chief a bowl while waiting on your greasy food stuff. But you don’t have to go to those money grabbing vendors to get your chow on. The “Burrito Man” has been feeding Juggalos on the cheap for many Gatherings and will more than likely be somewhere at this year’s Gathering.

7. Carnival Rides What! What?!

Every year there is, at least, three carnival rides. You never know til you get there which ones they will have, but they are always fresh. You have been to the carnival and rode rides I’m sure. But, have you rode carnival rides while listening to an awesome concert on god-knows-what drugs? Hell, ya! Not only that but the operators tend to be on drugs also giving longer and faster rides than at your typical carnivals.

8. Games, Games, and Secret Quests

Last year’s Gathering had a whole game section with arcade games to play on free of charge. Past Gatherings have also had traditional carnival games with fabulous prizes. Usually there is some kind of gaming entertainment at the Gathering. Then there is the super fresh news that there will be a new Dark Carnival game coming out at this year’s Gathering many will flock to try out for the first time. Echoside was revealed in the Phantom X-tra spooky edition booklet to be released at the Gathering. But no matter what there is a semi-secret game being played at all the outdoor Gatherings. Morton’s List is a game for those needing more excitement in their gathering experience. The hush-hush almost impossible scavenger hunt keeps you on your toes and feeling like a real ninja at the Gathering. This kind of freshness can’t be found at other music festivals.

9. Contest and Side Shows

The Gathering has always had fire breathing carny acts to put you in a trance. The last couple years it’s had it’s own area known at Bizzaro World which also featured free tarot readings. There is usually a scheduled carny side show of some sort also. But you can catch beautiful fire dances every night around the main stage. There are also comedians, independent artists, and even magicians at the Gathering. Psychopathic never skimps on amusing entertainment for days of fun. But, if you are more of the one wanting to show off your talents there are plenty of options to choose from. There are tattoo contest, costume contest, and the infamous Gong Show for those with just a random everyday talent. The notorious Miss Juggalette Pageant will sure entertain. It hosts brave Juggalettes willing to show their beauty, brains, and talent with the world. Lastly, for all the aspiring artists there are rap battles to win also. A little competition and entertain for everyone!

10. The Family, Of Course!

As I said in the beginning, it seems to be the year of the butterfly. ICP dedicates everything they do to the butterfly because of an experience related in Behind the Paint (which an audio book is going to be released at this year’s Gathering). Basically Joe Bruce and his brother catch a butterfly and put it in a jar. Unfortunately, the butterfly died, because they didn’t release it in time. The butterfly’s death sadden the brothers to the point of promising to never kill another living thing. This lead to the mission they are on now with Psychopathic Records and ICP. You can’t capture life. You can’t hold a Juggalo down. Juggalos come to this event year after year, because the best event of all is the Juggalos themselves. Juggalo make the Gathering what it is. It wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Juggalos coming year after year. You meet so many cool people and have amazingly cool conversations about who knows what! But it’s all Family Fun. No matter what you dig. It could be the late night parties, the cozy camp, or the empty main stage field at 5am. But every Gathering offers a place to party with the extended Family. It’s the best part of the Gathering, the Juggalos.

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