Horror Villains

Image courtesy from whatculture.com

10 iconic horror villains of the past decade has been released! I am looking forward to telling you who all made it on the list. Being a BIG horror fan fanatic, this is where I want to know if my favorite horror villain has made this list. Ok, enough of my rambling on lol, lets get started and see if YOUR favorite horror villain has made it on this list.

10. Victor Crowley (Hatchet) basically Victor is a modern day Jason Voorhees. He was a disfigured character that goes around killing people for revenge due to a tragic event that occurred when he was a young boy.

9. Lily (V/H/S) Lily is a wide-eyed succubus, and out of NOWHERE she reveals her fangs and webbed feet. She brutally murders two of the guys and follows the last survivor downstairs. Only to meet him at the end, staring into his soul, then her face splits right open!

8. The Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth) This movie is AWESOME! But this guy creeps me out. First off, He has no nose on his face but little holes. Next he has no teeth and his body is covered in wrinkles. Plus his eyes…are on the palm of his hands. How creepy is that? Lol

7. The Woman In Black (The Woman In Black) This movie to me, is a real good movie. You have basically a woman who they are considering the Angel of Death. She hunts down all who enter her house and kill them all. She has a revenge set out for everyone because of the tragic incident that occurred with her son. Her son past away tragically in the mud while he was in a Carriage.

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