2016 Juggalo Day is Around the Corner

2016 Juggalo Day

2016 Juggalo Day

Killjoy Club, JCW Superstars, ICP (Ringmaster Show), Esham and two special guests will be performing for the 2016 Juggalo Day.  Killjoy Club and JCW Superstars are performing Friday while Esham, ICP (with a Ringmaster Show), and the two special guests will finish on Saturday.

Tickets will be for sale starting Friday, November 6th.  Be sure to get them as soon as possible!  This awesome day is centered this year at Harpos in Detroit, MI on February 19th and February 20th.

Lastly, keep watching TJF (website) and ICP to keep up with the latest Juggalo Day news.


Original article: Information About Juggalo Day 2016 in Detroit Released





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