Christmas Mutha Fuckas!

A Word To The Family


Christmas is finally here and maaaan¬†was it ever tiring – but worth it. While we’re all sittin around sippin’ that syzerp and finally starting to wind down from the exhaustion of the holiday build-up, let’s take a moment to consider those who are having a hard time.

Christmas grinches and gouhls – this ones for you.

For those in the family who are missing a loved one today – we know your pain and hope you can find comfort in knowing that so many of us out here are too familiar with the first of many changed Christmasses – and we’re here to tell you there is going to be a time when it doesn’t feel so empty. Hell, you may even begin to find comfort in the little holiday freshness!

For those among us who are seperated from their own families – praents, kids – whateves – were here to tell you we will hold you up when you feel like you can’t get any lower. The struggle is real, there’s always room for growth and you can overcome this. Say what they will of you – juggalo family is true. We’re thinkin’ aboutchya, and hopin you’re okay. So pick up the phone and give your homie a call. We got you.

To our militairy members who are serving and are seperated from home – and their families, we thank you. We appriciate your sacrafice and love you for all you do. Your sacrafice is not going unthought of, we thank you for everything.

To the fam who is feelin’ alone or lonley (cause you know that shit is different, with it’s different pains), we don’t know where you are. But we are right there with you, we’ve experinced the the bitter christmas moments, both in the corner on the floor playing Christmas Blues over and over, as well as in a crowd full of people and no one to feel connected to. We wanna let you know, this isn’t it. It’s not over. You’ll feel that and have that connectedness again, just hold on. Grit your teeth and bare through it, take the opportunity tk flex your emo muscles and remind yourself how strong you are. Besides, you’ll always have family.

To the homies who are facing feelings of failure, job loss, grades, whatever it may be – pick yourself up and dust your fuckin’ ass off. Don’t let yourself entertain thoughts that are going to rob you of your joy. Failure is a big part of success and only really becomes failure if you don’t get up and try again. We’ve all fallen flat on our faces at one point or another, it ain’t nothin’ new. So forget that textbook, forget that paycheck – it isn’t going to buy back these moments you’re sacraficing to saddness, it’s not going to buy back your chance to smile amd overcome the adversity you’re feeling right now.

For the fam who is lost in the throws of addiction – don’t give up. Don’t let go, there is hope and you can overcome this!! You got thousands of us rooting for you! Whether it’s drugs, sex, or some other freak flag fetish – you can subdue it. Be thankful you have the chance to, find joy in the knowledge that once you start puttin’ one foot in front of the other – you’re walkin’ muh fucka.

To the homies who handelin’ biz on the clock while thier families are trying to enjoy it without them – we admire you. We are proud to call you family and respect your desire to take care of life.

Whatever your situation is, wherever you are – we got you. We love you guys! And we wanna know you’re okay, so leave us a ‘hand count’ tellin us you’re okay!


Remember a couple things homies – this Christmas may have sucked for you, but it doesn’t mean next year will. Life’s highs and lows don’t keep a calamder. No matter what day it is, life happens. We give meaning to special days – and truly Christmas or any other holiday is inside you. It’s your joy. It’s your shine.


If you have no where to turn, and no one to call and you are feelin like lofe is just a little too extream right now, please check this out!

Now we’re all over the globe ninjas! So tonight, from now – 12:00 A.M. central, were throwin a lil’ shin-dig for everyone to come together and just CHILL. Come hang out with some of the staff, chat it up and chill with homies from all over – cause what’s fuckin christmas without sum fuckin’ family interaction?!¬†


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