The Bruce Brothers Drop New Edition Of The Hatchet Herald

Just a few moments ago Violent J dropped The Hatchet Herald for all of our Juggalo eyes to see. It was

packed full of fresh new surprises and NEW things to look out for in 2016 from Psychopathic Records.

First things first, the event everyone is looking forward to this upcoming February, Juggalo Day

Weekend. Day one Feb 19th at Andrews Hall, is completely SOLD OUT.

Hatchet Herald

Those who bought their tickets should expect to see a dope line-up of JCW, a first ever full performance of The Killjoy Club, along with DJ Yella from NWA performing live with Eazy-E’s son which will performing some of Eazy’s classics, and sooooooo much more!

Now on to the MAIN event on Feb 20th at Harpo’s Concert Hall, if you have yet to get your tickets you

better hop on it fam! There are less than 200 tickets left for that night and you don’t want to miss it! ICP

will be performing the infamous 2nd Jokers Card ‘The Ringmaster’, which will performed in full!! Also

gracing the stage will be Esham the Unholy, along with King 810, Mushroomhead, and Molly Gruesome!

To purchase tickets, be sure to go to Ticket Web, or Hatchet Gear to order!

Ticket Web

Hatchet Gear

Also mentioned, the Duke of the Wicked announced he will in fact be doing another solo tour starting in

March! This will include more dates on the West Coast, and this tour will be stopping in your city for a

full on concert. There will be two local bands to open up the shows in each city, followed by Nova

Rockafeller, and of course the solo performance from Violent J himself. There is also to be a meet and

greet with Violent J, for the low price of just $50-and all of the proceeds will be going to St. John’s

Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Shaggy 2 Dope won’t be attending this tour unfortunately, since he is still

in recovery from his back surgery, but he should be expected to grace the stages for the Juggalo Day

Weekend events and should be 100% healed and performing on the RiddleBox Tour which begins in

May. This tour will even be crossing the borders into Canada! You can find these dates HERE

More news from Psychopathic Records is the release of the audiobook of ‘Behind the Paint’!! After more

than 10 years since the books release you can now hear it as told by Violent J himself. It will cover things

from his childhood, all the way up to the release of the 6th Joker’s Card, and will include untold stories of

Hell’s Pit” which is to be ready for our Juggalo ears at Gathering 17, it will be released through both

download and on USB. More 2016 freshness to keep an eye out for is 2 documentaries about ICP, as well

as a new book set to be dropped, bottom line with this and so much more from the wicked clowns, 2016

will be a fully packed year!!

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