Happy Juggalo Day! Two brand new Insane Clown Posse tribute mixtapes have been unleashed on the web for FREE DOWNLOAD! What a way to start out the day!

Skeddy J has brought out some of the underground’s heaviest hitters such as Blaze Ya Dead Homie, J.P.K., Taurean J, KidCrusher and tons more to play homage to the wicked clowns.

Check out the tracklists, as well as download links to get this killer set of ICP covers from this amazing set of the underground’s finest:

Skeddy J Insane Clown Posse Tribute

Download Insane Clown Tribute
01. The Dead One (Skeddy J)
02. Play With Me (Our Flaws Remain)

03. The Greatest Show (Spooooky Steve)

04. Bitches (Bass Head Music ft. Young Dirty Bastard)

05. Redneck Chicken Fucker (W.O.R.M.)

06. Feels So Right (KidCrusher)

07. Chris Benoit (Mr. Vengeance)

08. Cemetary Girl (B-Cide)

09. Dead Body Man (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)

10. Psychopathic (Skeddy J)

11. The Killing Fields (Tali Demon)

12. Suicide Hotline (KidCrusher)

13. Juggalo Homies (Menace 2 Sobriety)

14. Halls Of Illusions (Trip C)

15. How Many Times (J.P.K.)

16. Manic Depressive (Kalavera)

17. Nothing’s Left (The Prep School Tragedy)

Skeddy J Insane Clown Posse Tribute

Download Underground Oddities EP
01. Joke Ya Mind (Taurean J ft. Zomanda Hep-C)

02. Who Asked You (Sewerside)

03. Another Love Song (Johnny Weirdo)

04. The Neden Game (Toxhik Poizen That Antidote)

05. The Loons (Crossline Records)

06. Wagon Wagon (Creaky Boardz)

07. Ol’ Evil Eye (Cabracan)

08. How Many Times (Lb-Sickning)

09. Take Me Away (Sykotic)

10. Southwest Voodoo (Brennen E. Burleson)

11. Take Me Away II (Mental Case)

12. Let’s Go All The Way (King Krimzon)

13. Play With Me (Jonathan Neblett)

14. Under The Moon (Demoniq)

15. Guts On The Ceiling (DJ Restless)

16. Take Me Away III (Shroomyty)

17. Prom Queen (Shy One)


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