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Catching up with Dust “Drill” and Gabe “The Kidd” of Helldöradö at Namm Show 2016!

Hey True Juggalo Metal Family!

For this month of March, I present to you a hard rock southern groove metal band, Helldöradö. Helldöradö is the perfect name for this Spokane-based band- as they know how to RAISE SOME HELL on stage! This is a band you don’t want to miss when they tour your town! TALK SHIT…GET HIT! BRASS KNUCKLE PRIEST! BITCHSLAP! Caught your attention? These are some of the song titles from their full-length debut album, Alcohol Fueled Adrenaline.

Helldöradö is 5 bad ass members- Dust “Drill” Richardson – Lead Vocals, Tommy “Gunn” Scherer – Drums, Dave “Wave” Bridges-Bass, Gabe “The Kidd” Miller – Guitar, Sam “FNG” Perez– Rhythm Guitarist

Photo By: Helldorado Official


If you enjoy the music styles of bands like Black Label Society, Hellyeah, Pantera and Volbeat, you will non-stop bang you’re head to their sound. They have even opened for huge national bands such as: Amon Amarth, Five Finger Death Punch, Machine Head, Mastodon, Nonpoint and Rob Zombie. Having been on tour with these boys, they sure know how to amp up the crowd and grab every female’s attention! Helldöradö is best served with some ColdCock Whiskey! Live in concert or on a CD, guaranteed quality perfection of sound as well as performance. They each contribute phenomenal talent to this band! Memorizing drums, harmonic progression of bass, and intricate lead/rhythm guitars that will blow you away. Hey Ladies, you’ll love the sound of Drill’s panty-dropping voice! I am super excited to continue following this band as I have seen them continuously opening new doors and word is spreading fast about them. Drill hints in the video above about a new CD in the works… I can’t wait!

Any JCW/WWE wrestlers need a new entrance theme song? Talk Shit…Get Hit! CLICK HERE

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I ROCK! You ROCK! Together, We ROCK!

\m/ MzHollywood


Click on the picture to watch Helldöradö play the Metal Marshmallow Challenge!

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