5 Juggalo Songs To Pick You Up

Juggalo Songs

We all know that life running with the hatchet gets rough from time to time.  Life has a way of knockin’ you down, and kicking you while you’re down there?  What do ya do?  Do ya sit there and watch life pass you by?  Do ya get up, dust yourself off and keep it moving?  What helps ya get back up?  Music is a powerful thing.  Almost like a drug.  Here are True Juggalo Family’s 5 Juggalo Songs To Pick You Up.

  1. On My Way – ABK

This song closes out ABK‘s 2010 release Medicine Bag, well there’s bonus tracks to each of the 3 versions, but I don’t count those as album tracks.  There is just something to the rhythm of the beat on this song, and the way ABK flows on it that’s uplifting.  The lyrics play a major part in it as well obviously.

Ain’t nobody change me, Or what I believe. So I’m here to make it and need to go out and achieve. Outdone by no one, New life’s test run. Thought my time was up, But the journey had just begun.

Then you get towards the end and the group chanting “FAMILY” at the end.  That part gives me goosebumps and butterfly’s in my stomach every time.

2) Untold/Unwritten – Boondox

I ain’t never had no easy life, what I had become didn’t come from thinking twice. Put that on everything (everything), everyone (everyone). Born to fill the prophecy the son of the seventh son.

Untold/Unwritten, the third song off of Boondox‘s 2008 Krimson Creek starts off deep, and doesn’t let up.  I ain’t never had no easy life, what I had become didn’t come from thinking twice. Words can’t even express the motivation I get from the start of this song, all the way through.  There are a couple of Boondox‘s songs that really fire me up, but I think this one tops them all.

3) Kept Grinding – DJ Clay feat the Psychopathic Family

I could listen to this one without and lyrics and get ready to take the day.  Throw in success stories from ABK, Twiztid, Boondox, Blaze, ICP, AMB, and DJ Clay?  If this song doesn’t pick ya up, I don’t know what to tell ya fam.

4) Darkness – Twiztid

This song which closes out 2003’s The Green Book might come off as sort of a surprise to you guys.  However, there is just something about the beat in this one.  Throw in the hard driven guitar in the chorus it kicks the heart rate up.  Listen to the “hidden” guitar part here at the 41 second mark.  It almost sounds like they hid a solo in there, and it’s amazing.

5) Fuck The World – ICP

There is something empowering in telling something that you’re pissed at “Fuck you”.  When I’m down, I throw on this track and it brings me back up.  Even if you like me, fuck you.  This song just screams of “I don’t give a fuck”, and sometimes that’s all you need.


There it is, True Juggalo Family’s Top 5 Juggalo Songs to pick ya up when you’re feelin’ down.  What are some go-to songs that aren’t on this list that help YOU out?


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