Gathering of the juggalos

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6 Unexpected Gathering of the Juggalos Necessities

There is always those last minute odds and ends you need to collect to Gather like a boss. We’ve compiled a list of six unexpected items you may not have on your Gathering supply list. These six necessities are things many don’t even think to bring, but may wish they had when they get there. This list may just save your ass…literally.

1. Backpack/ Bag

You’ll need a way to carry all your stuff around like water, money, paraphernalia, and anything you may collect on your daily adventures. Many get stuck carrying their shit around. If you want to really Gather hardy you will want to have some kind of bag so you don’t lose your shit or wear out your arms carrying a bunch of shit.

2. Jacket/Hoodie/ Jersey

It gets cold at night and you will want something to keep you warm. A lot of people neglect to bring something warm to wear because it’s summer and hot as hell during the day. You’ll want the extra cover at night. A blanket would be good to cover up during your couple hours of sleep also. A poncho is always a good idea also just in case of rain. This is such a problem that Scrub Care Unit has asked for hoodie donations at Gathering 17.

3. Jumper Cables

Last year my car battery was dead by the end of the Gathering. Thusly, we had to find someone to give us a jump. So, make sure to bring your jumper cables! A car pass is great as you can lock up your stuff and pass out in your vehicle, but you may just run your battery down and you don’t want to depend on the luck of finding someone with jumper cables. Even if you don’t need them you can be some else’s hero. Better safe than sorry!

4. TP for Your Bunghole!

Though there is Port-a-potties, the toilet paper is cheap and sometimes nonexistent. Plus, if you are able to sneak off to the woods to take a shit you don’t want to wipe with a leaf. I know I like to have that nice cushiony Cottonelle on my behind. It’s something I have in my backpack, I mentioned in number one.

5. Umbrella

It’s very hot with little shade at Legend Valley. An umbrella is your own personal portable shade. Plus, if it rains you’ll be covered. It’s just a great idea to bring one and you won’t be the only one with a shady umbrella shielding your skin from the blaring hot sun.

6. Vitamin C Drops/ Oranges

Many people get sick after the Gathering. You have been in harsh conditions that have weakened your immune system. So, boost our immune system with your favorite form of Vitamin C whether it be drops or good ol’ oranges. Though it won’t help with the loss of your voice from all the yelling and Whoop Whoops!

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