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6 Reasons Why Juggalos are the Shit!

6. We Don’t Give a Fuck!

Hell, it’s become the motto of the modern day. It’s the idea of not caring what people think of you. It’s to bravely do you without fear. It’s about boldly expressing your creativity. It’s empowerment. It’s also about rejecting the social norm. When we step outside the box we become our true selves. We don’t give a fuck what others think. We keeps it wicked!

gathering of the juggalos juggalos are the shit

Photo: Nate “Igor” Smith

5. Enlightening Music:

The music of the “God-Inspired” Jokers’ Cards along with the enlightening music from Dark Lotus, Twiztid, and other Psychopathic related artists have led/is leading many Juggalos through the path to Shangri La. It’s music with depth which is surprising to most, while part of what has keep it alive. Juggalos never die!

4. Charitable:

We give what we can and support charities. Violent J recently went on his extended Solo Charity tour raising funds for sick kids. The Juggalos are the ones who gladly gave to this cause though this wasn’t the first time donations in the form of cash or even can goods was gladly donated for attending a Psychopathic concert. Juggalos always help out when they can. There are independent Juggalo groups like TJF affiliate Scrub Care Unit who do a lot of good for the Juggalo Community. Not to mention many others. But, Juggalos are generally people who love to help others when they can. Being a scrub in need really motivates one to be compassionate to others in need.


Juggalos are a creative bunch. Besides the rampant emcee syndrome that infects many, many a Juggalo we have talent galore. Just walk around the Gathering for a day. There are Juggalos selling all kinds of home made crafts. From dread falls to charms and paintings to wood carvings Juggalos take up any and every thing for a creative outlet and excel at it. Just look at those painted faces. It isn’t easy to paint a face. I know! There are a lot of talented, artistic Juggalos.

gathering of the juggalos face paint juggalos are the shit


2. Faygo Showers:

Not only does this cheap Midwestern soda taste awesome it’s the main attraction of an ICP concert. It gets pretty hot in the pit and by the time ICP gets on stage you’re begging for that Faygo Shower! It’s just so hot and sweaty and the Faygo is so refreshing. Hell, I remember concerts by taste. For instance, Happy Daze was Root Beer. Man, was that a tasty concert! The Faygo they spray is always diet. So, newcomers never fear you won’t get sticky. The sugar in the regular soda messed up equipment so they switched to diet for Faygo Showers. In fact, the experience is so amazing they have what are called Faygo Breaks where all the clowns come out and give the audience a Faygo Armageddon with not only Faygo Spraying everywhere but feathers and confetti too. I almost choked on a feather once. Just close your eyes and enjoy, Ninja!

I'm a juggalo not a gang member, juggalos are the shit

1. Family:

The legendary Family is the number one reason Juggalos are the shit! Since the FBI gang classification many a Juggalo rep the “We are a Family not a gang” slogan. It comes from the fact that we are more than a loosely tied together subculture. Fam helps Fam, at least, until they prove they ain’t really Fam. We accept each other and know we have a common thread that ties us together. The thread is what I previously mentioned, the love of this surprisingly enlightening music, Faygo Showers, and being bold enough to be ourselves in an ever conforming society. Even if you don’t know a ninja, if they got loves for the wicked shit they’ll reciprocate that Whoop Whoop. So, with that I say Whoop! Whoop!

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