7 Top Notch Ways to Use Your Gathering Budget


With the 17th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos swiftly approaching, it is important for all of us to plan out this 4+ day vacation(yes, we count the parking lot parties!) since there is going to be so much Juggalo packed flavor happening all around us! For some this could be their first Gathering they’ve attended. While others are seasoned veterans, but regardless who doesn’t want to save on cash when possible? We, of course, know this annual time to Gather can be expensive, that is if you don’t know what to plan for.  We want you to be able to have the time of your lives and not be stressin’ over your cheddar! So for all you Juggalos out there here are 7 top notch ways to use your Gathering budget so your extra money can go towards all the cool shit you want to spend it on. With all this being said, where do we start? Well here at True Juggalo Family, we want to share from experience the best ways for you to cut costs and stress so you can kick back and have the time of your life!

Get Your Tickets Early:

That’s right fam, the earlier you get ’em the less time you will have to spend searching for things like the Big Ballas Passes(even tho they sold out in an hour this year lol) last minute. We all know the best ticket spots with electricity and such will be taken with a quickness, so it’s best to hop on it as soon as possible!

Hitch A Ride:

Do you know a couple homies driving up to the Gathering that lives near you? Hitch a ride with them and save some money on having to buy a car pass. You probably should pitch in for gas and shit though for them being so kind and letting you ride with them. But having a car to carry all shit into the campgrounds is a lot less work and you will be thankful you don’t have to trudge it all to your resting spot. Cars that do not have the car pass sticker will not be able to enter the campgrounds.

Pack Light:

Like mentioned above, if you don’t have a homie with a car pass that you rode with or just don’t have a car period this means you will have to carry everything to your site. Since this years’ GOTJ falls right in the heat of July, you will be completely miserable(Unless Ohio Summers don’t bother you) since there is a ton of ground to cover. Not only will it be easier to walk to camp and such with fewer items to carry, but that also means its less stuff for you to lose. Losing less means having to replace less in the end once the fun is all over.

Be Sure to Pack the Essentials:

Now here essentials to each person vary, but we literally mean the essentials. Not only does this mean you will have less to carry, but you won’t have to worry about having to buy any necessities while you’re in the midst of the entertainment. This also means to bring food and water along with something like a cooler to put it in. Because there will be some ninjas out there trying to sell their extras to make some cash, so it’s better for you to be prepared with your own! Also please don’t forget any sanitary items, we will all be sweaty messes but deodorant and the occasional shower will make it better for everyone (don’t forget shoes to wear the shower). We suggest making a list. Make sure you pack all your small important shit that could get easily overlooked.

Cash is King:

Bring CASH because nobody will be taking cards for purchases here though there will be ATM’s to use. In order to save on the transaction fees, we highly suggest taking out the money you expect to spend before you get there. Because we know $5 service fees here and there add up after a while. Especially when that $5 can go towards some delicious food like The Stoner Bowl or other great carnival flavors. Even if you do need to pull out extra cash as the festivities proceed, you ninjas know the option is there.

Bring Your Backups:

Since we will all be partaking in all of the great things the Gathering has to offer and covering a lot of ground it might be best for you to bring backups of things like your phones and such. There will be Faygo everywhere, partying all night, TONS of walking, and many other things so bringing your $600 smartphone might not be the best idea. We say bring a cheap one for backup, that way if you lose it or get completely drenched in the Faygo rain you don’t have to dread coming home to replace it. Plus we all know everybody will be too fuckin busy having the time of their lives to be on any social media or aimlessly staring at their phones.

Party Favors: 

We all know that there will be a lot of things going down while we are in Juggalo paradise. Let’s list off some of the most important things to bring with you to have a good time and not have to worry about buying off any other ninjas there. First things first, you will need  without a doubt are some form of light for nighttime, like a flashlight or glow sticks. Bring extra lighters and cigs if you smoke or plan on doing so, pack some Tylenol for headaches or hangovers,  an umbrella or something to keep you dry if it rains, and finally extra batteries for things like your flashlights and such. Like mentioned before there might be ninjas selling extras of these, but its best to bring your own. Better to be overly prepared than spend your extra cash on the things you could bring for yourself!

With all of this being said, the earlier you start planning for the Gathering the better! Whether this is your first one or your 17th we hope all of you are able to plan enough to have as much fucking carefree fun as possible. We hope these tips have helped you even in the slightest with the planning process. This year should be one of the biggest and memorable ones to date, and we know we are beyond ecstatic to be with all of our Juggalo family.

~Whoop whoop~

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