Beth Woodford Tubbs

Before I begin my article on Beth’s current situation, I will share with you the article wrote by Leanne Fuller published on

“A man and woman from Marshall County were arrested Tuesday morning on charges they robbed a convenience store in Paducah, in an incident that resulted in the bomb squad being called, according to police.

Paducah police officers and Marshall County sheriff’s deputies found the two wanted people — 25-year-old Joseph Kimbrell and 24-year-old Bethany Woodford Tubbs — around 5 a.m. Tuesday, June 21 at a home on Old Olive Road in Hardin.

Police say investigators found what looked like an explosive device during a search of the home, and the Paducah police bomb squad was called in. Squad members “endered the device safe” the police department says.

The robbery happened at the Superway on Hinkleville Road early June 4. Tubbs is accused of going into the store, pulling a handgun on the clerk, and demanding money. Police say the clerk activated an alarm and Tubbs fled with a 12 pack of beer. Kimbrell is accused of driving the getaway car, and pointing a handgun at the clerk as he drove away.

Police say Kimbrell was on parole when he was arrested and has previous felony convictions, including robbery and attempted murder of a police officer.

The two have been charged with first degree robbery, and they were jailed in the Marshall County Jail. They have since been transferred to the McCracken County Regional Jail.”

Beth has served 10 months and was released to complete a long-term rehab program. She was doing great for 3 months, but relapsed with alcohol. The drug she is recovering from is meth and has not used in 17 months. She has to complete the rehab program or face 10 years in prison.
The court felt no need to consider an alcohol relapse cause enough to remove her from the program. She began again at a faith-based drug rehab program. They kicked her out because of her family’s religion, Jehovah’s Witness. They told her it was a cult. The third and last program was a gender separation-based drug rehab program. A male stole her book and placed a note in it. She was kicked out.

Beth admits what she did was wrong. “Looking at what I did, it is just not me. It took this recovery to really know how meth, alcohol, whatever drug, kills you from the inside. That person is a stranger. All i want is to be allowed to complete my program. I am staying clean, and besides the first program, I am being kicked out for things I have no control over”
I asked her what her plans were after completing the program. “I want to work at Cassidy’s because it’s therapeutic horse back riding for special needs people and continue to celebrate recovery by helping other people like me while being the best mother possible for my children and just live a happy life free put of this mess”

Beth’s tattoo on right calf


It is believed the cause of her being kicked out over petty discrepancies is a Juggalo tattoo on her right calf. If you feel for Beth’s situation please share this article. Beth will be sentenced to 10 years in prison if she fails the rehab program.