9th Annual Jingle Bowls

9th Annual Jingle Bowls

Kottonmouth Kings are heading out on the 9th Annual Jingle Bowls X-Mas Tour.  The tour starts on December 5th and ends on December 20th.  Make sure to get your tickets fast before they sell out.  Remember families, this is a great present to give early for a birthday in November or December.  Tickets also make awesome early Christmas present.

The tickets range in prices from about $18 to $25.  There are a few though that can range from $11 to $70 each, so be sure to find the tickets that best match you.

Here’s the links for the dates and locations.

5 December 2015 – Lancaster, CA at Club Envy

6 December 2015 – Tuscon, AZ at The Rock

7 December 2015 – Albuquerque, NM at Launchpad

10 December 2015 – Dallas, TX at Trees

11 December 2015 – Houston, TX at Scout Bar

12 December 2015 – Tyler, TX at Clicks

14 December 2015 – Shreveport, LA at Riverside Warehouse

15 December 2015 – New Orleans, LA at Southport Hall

16 December 2015 – San Antonio, TX at Korova

17 December 2015 – El Paso, TX at Tricky Falls

18 December 2015 – Phoenix, AZ at Joe’s Grotto

19 December 2015 – Las Vegas, NV at Backstage

20 December 2015 – Santa Ana, CA at Tost Theater