A Date At Twiztid’s Be My Bloody Valentine

Valentines Day to most people it is flowers, candy and romantic dinners. For me it was homies and face paint at The Intersection in Grand Rapids for Twiztid’s Be My Bloody Valentine Weekend with a line up featuring Strange Music’s own Stevie Stone, Boondox , The R.O.C, G-Mo Skee, MBK and Insane E. I also finally had the pleasure of seeing Twiztid perform with their live band The Wickedness for the first time. Giving the crowd a different experience than you have ever felt with the demented duo before.

It had been a few years since Twiztid had a show out in west Michigan, and they couldn’t have picked a better venue. The Intersection was just the right size, amazing lighting and sound quality. Seats all around, with easy viewing of the stage. Still small enough to feel intimate. Security was tough, and wasn’t tolerating any shenanigans.


The music seemed to go hard and heavy all night. With each passing set, the crowd just seemed to get a little more hype. By the time the  R.O.C hit the stage, everyone started sweating, and dancing. Opening the set with “I’m Here“. Kept us all moving until ending with “Hello“.



I was personally ready to see Boondox hit the stage. When he stepped out, and the crowd heard that echo of “Prey with snakes” everything, and everyone seemed to erupt. He performed his set with an amazing mix of old school favorites like “Death of a Hater” while creeping in the newer school flavor with “Monster”. The highlight of his set came, at the very last song. Before the music started to play Boondox took the microphone and said, “I don’t normally play this song live, but since it’s a special occasion..” and then the piano to “We all fall” started. Lighters went up, and emotions came out.


Up next was Stevie Stone, now this was actually my first time seeing him. He really fed off the crowds energy, and they had a lot to offer. By far the highlight of his set was having him pull a chair up to center stage to perform his verse from “Strangulation 2“.


Finally, it was time for Twiztid and The Wickedness to hit the stage. The crowd seemed to be moshing before Madrox and Monoxide even came on stage. Was my first time hearing them perform songs from Heartbroken and Homicidal such as “Circles” and “Set By Example“. It is an entire different Twiztid with the Wickedness behind them. It has this captivating rock feel, and entirely different feeling then seeing Twiztid rap to the tracks. Even when the bring out old songs like “Rock The Dead“, it’s somehow hearing it for the first time, again.

It was honestly one of the best shows I’ve attended in a long time. The only negative thing I can say about the entire experience is how cold it was waiting in line.




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