ABK Brings The April Fools Foolin Tour To Los Angeles

April Fools Foolin Tour

Sitting in traffic on the way to Los Angeles, hot, no radio, just me and my imagination on how much fun this show is about to be. I think back to so many times the homies and I have made this trip. I’m sure you all can relate to that feeling in your belly when you know you’re about to watch one of your most favorite artists perform right in front of you. Their lyrics and beats provided to soothe and slaughter your soul. So almost 3 hours later I pull up and see that as usual I’m way too early. Parking lot party you say? Why yes! I met these dudes M.A.D., AntDog and T-BOW repping Madopelli Music who were opening tonight. They have been in the scene for a while now and I remembered them from the Violent J solo tour just 2 weeks ago. We joke and chit chat about Juggalo things then we part ways so each can get to their business. As I walk towards the venue I run into none other than the Liquid Assassin himself! Have you guys seen his new video “My Drug”? Shit’s DOPE! So naturally I let him know how much I enjoy his music and the creativity in this new video. He kindly thanks me and we shoot a selfie! On to the entrance and before I even get to the door there’s the homie Froto the Ghost. My girl Mz.Hollywood is really good friends with him so I definitely had to snap a picture to send her! Haha! I loved watching him perform with WolfPac while on tour with Twiztid. We are so happy he is branching out on his own for a solo career. And he was actually the first person to interview me about a show! First up we had A.D.D the Emcee who you might recall from my livestream onto True Juggalo Family. He definitely brought talent to the stage which many would agree judging from the comments on the stream. Of course, the killaz from Madopelli Music killed it! Each member bringing his own flavor to the perfomance. The beats and the energy are off the chain! Mad props to ya boi AntDog for that metal flavor too! Up next we have SoCal SikMob featuring Mac Mud and Nino White (RIP) Krookid Ivory. These ninjas have beats for days! As they should since they’ve been repping SoCal since 2010 performing with Twiztid, Kottommouth Kings, Big Scoob, ABK, Kung Fu Vampire, and many more. Very fun performance and a great job getting the crowd involved. The homie Frodo the Ghost is also no stranger to the stage as he’s previously toured with WoldPac, Twiztid, Prozac and more. Now he is branching out to a solo entity and that man can sing!! Definatly check him out. Bake Lo brought that voice for sure! Getting down with the flows he had the crowd moving left to right with that Overdose. His next track was hella wicked with a broken heart on the side maybe?? During his performance Liquid Assassin jumped off stage and joined the crowd. I always love it when artists put themselves down with the fam and Go Ham! I belive he is a truly gifted artist. Now it was time for the man of the night. AnyBody Killa hit the stage and the crowd went wild! It was so great to see him again, personally it had been a few years. He performed some classics and also some of his newer flavor, also extra fresh! Everybody was getting down. His voice was on point as always and you could see the joy in his face when everyone was singing every word with him. At the end in True Juggalo fashion some Fam joined the lineup on stage for the last song and it was magical. This show was packed with flavor for any taste. Thank you to all the artists who came out and put their hearts up on stage that night. Thank you to everyone who came out to support these guys and to have a blast. Until next time!

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