Anybody Killa

ABK’s Warrior Valentine Show Recap

Last night was Anybody Killa’s ~ ABK Warrior Valentine Show and it was a fuckin’ blast to say the least! The show took place at Simon’s After Dark in Allen Park, MI and the lineup was packed full of great performers. We had a live Periscope feed going during most of these performances thanks to our own Rachelette, and you can go back and view these on our Twitter- @TrueJuggaloFam and on our Periscope!

The line-up for this show was as follows:



The Boss


Mad V

Mal Havock


Bake Lo

Strict 9

Bonez Dubb 

and ABK the Warrior

There was a single handed out by Native World Inc for all us who attended the show, “Final Love” which can also be purchased on his website here at for $6.99. This track features ABK and a new and upcoming artist that was introduced at last night’s show, Zebra Octobra. They did a performance together of the single track they released and it was electrifying!

Take a listen to the new single “Final Love” below!!


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