AHS Similarities

AHS Similarities


Have you ever noticed AHS Similarities before?  AHS: Hotel has common features in scary hotels, carpeting, children, blood with sex, children’s play room, handy momentos, and death spears.


AHS Similarties for their hotel, the Hotel Cortez, are through the Bates Motel, The Starlight Hotel, and The Overlook Hotel.

PicMonkey Collage
The carpet similarities: (Hotel Cortez: left ; The Shinning: right)
PicMonkey Collage1

The children similarities:  (top: AHS ; left: The Shinning ; right: Village of the Damned)

PicMonkey Collage2

The blood and sex was referenced through True Blood for AHS: Hotel:
PicMonkey Collage3
The children’s play room: (left: AHS ; right: Pee-wee’s Playhouse ; bottom pictures: Big
PicMonkey Collage4

Hand Momentos: (left: AHS ; right: Carrie ; bottom: The Evil Dead)

PicMonkey Collage5

 Death Spears: (left: AHS ; right: Bay of Blood ; bottom: Friday the 13th Part II)
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