All 13 ICP Albums Ranked By

All 13 ICP Albums Ranked

Recently has published (from the desk of one of one of their interns) an article with All 13 ICP Albums Ranked. While many of the fam will disagree on rankings, this article begs attention to one thing (and no, it’s not the number 1 on the list!)


The tables are turning and with fan base leaders like the incredible Insane Clown Posse gaining public notice for doing such honorable things as going to bat in court to defend the names of their devout fans (our fam), it’s about time on lookers pay respect to the proven success of the clowns as musical miracle workers, and the methods they use to both entertain and send a message.

While the non Juggalo author not only takes time to check these albums for ranking but there are a few moments in the article that head toward an understanding that the author has begun to uncover. Folks, we may be witnessing the birth of a new fam member – who knows??

The ranking of riddle box at 7 and hells pit at 6 leads me to believe the author of this article has much to discover on his journey to Juggalo enlightenment. Still, it reads well and gives fam an opportunity to see the breakdown of discrimination from the mainstream world through the eyes of the unenlightened.

Who cares about the mainstream anyway? Still a good read if you’re looking for something to fill your eyeballs with!  True Juggalo Family and this writer specifically would like to think for lowering gates, dropping biases and for a time – standing on the outside looking into our wonderful carnival. See We’re really just a bunch of fun-loving clowns.

What do you think about the emerging acceptance and slight change in cultural attitude towards hatchet family? Is it prophetic of days to come where society will stop pointing the finger at the scapegoat?

Or is it just that a few more, non judgemental people are finally being given the opportunity to speak up?

Be sure to let us know, what you think!

You can check the article out here


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