The Second Devil’s Carnival Has Arrived!


Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is about how all hell breaks loose when Lucifer (Terrance Zdunich) sets a plot in motion against heaven.  The film was written by Terrance Zdunich (left) and directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (right), and was released on August 11th.  Camilla Jackson reported about the world premiere on August 14th for Fangoria.

The world premiere was at the Egyptian theatre where the imagesgrounds were transformed into a fairground that mimicked the film, all done by the director and writer.  Bousman and Zdunich have previously done Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) and The Devil’s Carnival (2012) which allowed them the ability to continue to collaborate other ideas.  Within the fairground, guests were met with a band of washboards, fiddles and kazoos, along with other carnie folk wandering around.

This second movie picks up right where the first left off, but mainly it takes place in the twisted version of Heaven by Paul Sorvino.

Jackson reveals more about the plot line in her article: “Lucifer, played with a commanding presence by Zdunich, has become tired of guarding hell so he feels that God (Sorvino) should have a bunch of his souls sent up to him. Joining Sorvino and Zdunich in the cast this time around is music theatre royalty, Barry Bostwick (ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW) and Ted Neeley (JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR), along wdownload12ith David Hasselhoff, Kristina Klebe, Lyndon Smith, Brea Grant, Carla Harvey, Heidi Shepherd and Tech N9ne as well as returning players Dayton Callie, Bill Moseley, Emilie Autumn, Nivek Ogre, J. LaRose, Briana Evigan and Marc Senter.”

Zdunich explained to Fangoria the process of this movie.

“I’ve been working on this film for four years now, and the song writing portion was about a year and a half. This one takes place about 70 percent in heaven, so we kind of went for something a bit like a subverted Disneyland. We took that big-band sound and did a spin on the golden jazz age of Hollywood.”

Bousman also remarks about using an independent budget for the movie.

““It’s hard as hell, but there is no one telling us what we can and can’t do, and that’s the most rewarding thing: knowing that if we sink or swim, it’s our own fault. There is no studio pulling the strings. It’s all us- the artists- and that’s a liberating experience.”

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