Maker of American Juggalo Tells Weird Gathering Experience and Much More! interviewed the maker of American Juggalo who has branched out and filmed other documentaries of highly controversial individuals since. They don’t talk much about the American Juggalo documentary, but the filmmaker does relate his weirdest Gathering experience. American Juggalo opened up the interview to this documentary makers other films. He has filmed three more documentaries Oxyana, Cam Girlz, and Flordia Man all of which he elaborates on in this interview.

The main point of interest for the Juggalo community is his experience at the Gathering and why he made the film in the first place. Sean Dunne, the filmmaker, related how he was scared to go to the Gathering (and the homes of oxycodone addicts). He smoked the ganja to help him ease up a bit to do the filming. American Juggalo gave Juggalos a chance to just show how they really are and seemed very non-judgemental though Dunne wasn’t as non-judgemental as you may think while not being a total hater either. He didn’t leave with an “oh Juggalos are great attitude” either. His weird story was not a pleasant one, but again not his definition of all Juggalos either. Check out what he had to say about the Gathering and filming the American Juggalo documentary.

It comes across in your films that you’re very non-judgemental…

I go into these things probably because I had some silly judgement. The whole reason that we went to the gathering of the Juggalos was because there was a lot of negativity surrounding them, and I was buying into it one way or another. I thought, “Ooh it’d be so scary to go there.” That film in particular is a really good example because it started to create the archetype of what the rest of my films are. Let’s put the audience in these wild situations and see how they react.

There’s some crazy stuff going on at the Juggalos gathering. What was the weirdest?

On our last night there I remember seeing this terrified kid, forcibly get a lap dance from this Juggalette while his Dad and creepy uncle sat there laughing their asses off. This kid was totally traumatised by it and it was just really weird and disturbing. I kinda wanted to run over there and be like “Yo leave him alone man, he’s gonna have sexual hangups the rest of his life because of this situation!” And his dad and the uncle are throwing money around and we stood there like, “Man this is a scene out here.”


To read about what Sean Dunne had to say about filming the rest of his documentaries which include the topics of Oxycodone addiction, webcam girls, and Donald Trump supporters head on over to


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