Anonymous Tech N9ne Challenge for the Masses

Tech N9ne and Anonymous Secert Plan Revealed: #OpNewRenaissance

A while back Tech N9ne shared that he was visited by an Anonymous group and had agreed to work with them on some “secert plan” which was hinted that it was some kind of video. Now, we do know it’s a video and it’s one with a challenge for the masses. The V sounding Anonymous character displays all the recent challenges in the internet hinting at the lack of sofitication. Then, they display their own art reminecant of phantom of the opera in which Tech N9ne has a small part. Then they challenge any and everyone to display their own art of any form. They are wanting to begin a modern renaissance, an internet renaissance if you will. Towards the end of the video they display instrutions (shown below)  to be a part of this challenge while stating all entries are winners and there is no time limit to enter.

anonymous challenge directions #opnewrenaissance

When you go to the description it’s says they are waiting for 90,000 views before they reveal the download link. There full mission is also revealed in teh description as follows:

“This is the first video in a series of projects hosted by the Anonymous Entertainment Sector. Operation New Renaissance is an Ingenuity Fest where Anonymous members will seek to explore working with Entertainment Figures to inspire and cultivate a much richer culture in our future society. Anonymous has taken a special notice of how the owners of the mainstream media have corrupted the spark of our youth’s earned rights to freely express their will and create their World as they see fit. We are here to return our youth to their natural beginnings and reverse the corruption that has tainted the hearts and minds of many men already. We are The Renaissance. We are The Change. We are The World. We Create What WE See Fit, Not They..

We are waiting for act 1 to collect more views to release the download to get you all started on your missions. In the download there is not only the mp3 of this very original version of our Phantom of The Opera song but also 9 original instrumentals that you are free to use to record over or dance to as long as you credit the producers. There is also a list of rules, greeting letter and welcome video, as well as sound effects and video clips of our animated logos and other fun giveaways to help your entries look official and themed with the event.

All entries will be shared on this page and our other Anonymous pages to help you get the views you’ve been waiting for to gain a voice and influence on the masses. We Are One, We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion.. No Need to Expect Us, We Are Already Here..”

It looks to me we have to share this video around if we want this challenge to get underway. They also share some examples of what they want to see for entries. They include some very unique talents and even a George Carlin stand up about bullshit. It seems that Tech N9ne is merely the first independent artist participating in this project. Who knows who the rest will be.

Seeing that this is a project to break the mainstream ideals and in fact change the mainstream it only makes sense they would approach Tech first. We all know that Tech isn’t going mainstream, the mainstream is going Tech. That’s what this challenge is all about.

tech n9ne mom

At the end of the video is where you hear Tech. It’s a message to make your mom proud by being a part of this OP. We know that that’s what Tech has done with his career. Why not more people?

Watch the video below. You can keep up with the latest happens on the OP by visiting the The Secert Anonymous Facebook Page or joining the #OperationNewRenaissance group. When you visit the group page you’ll see that they are organizing entries by category. This is open to any and everyone. Juggalos being the artists and creative bunch we are, I expect many a fellow ninja to get in on this challenge.

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