Anonymous Visits Tech N9ne at Strange Music Headquarters?!

Anonymous visit tech n9ne

Anonymous Visits Tech N9ne at Strange Music Headquarters?!

According to posts made by Tech N9ne on Intagram a couple of dudes in Guy Fawkes masks claiming to be Anonymous came to visit him at the Strange Music Headquarters. This was to continue their “Special Project” mentioned in a video Anonymous uploaded in response to the line above from the song Aw Yeah? (InterVENTion).

Quoted from the video:

“Mr. Aaron Dontez Yates, you are the chosen one on Earth whom we’ve selected for a special project which will change the world forever. You wouldn’t want to miss this. We’ve got a secret idea that you would be honored to be a part of, that will place you higher than any other musician in all of history, which will also make it extremely difficult for anyone else to surpass your achievements ever again in the future as well. This opportunity is bigger than any Grammy Award and is extremely rare to come across. We assure you that Strange Music will forever be renowned for its Godly influence on humanity in the 21st century with the release of this. Let us join forces, brother!”

Though Tech dropped a few of photos and a video with him adorning the Guy Fawks mask, we don’t know what the plan is yet. Apparently, according to the Secret Anonymous Idea? Facebook Group, in response to the Anon video above Tech invited these Anons to Strangeland. We can wonder about the plan all we want, but it’s going down now! These Anon pics from inside and outside Strange Headquarters only show the beginning of a continued partnership in the fight to show the world we are all one. All we know is that Anonymous visits Tech N9ne now and will probably again in the future. We’ll update you when they do. Hopefully next time we’ll become privy to the secret plan.

anonymous visits tech n9ne


A video posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

A photo posted by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne) on

So, what do you think? Is this really Anonymous? Any and everyone can call themselves Anonymous. That is the point in Anonymous, anyone can be it including Tech now. But who are these guys and what is the secret project? Drop your ideas in the comments below.

Read more on Strangemusicinc.

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