Anybody Killa Seminar Recap From Gathering 17

One seminar that a lot of ninjas had to look forward to from Gathering 17 came from Anybody Killa. When the one and only Hatchet Warrior came out on the stage, he definitely went down in my mind as one of the coolest artist on the books as far as seminar realness goes. Before answering any questions, ABK brought out several boxes of pizza for juggalos to pass around to each other, gave out free beer, and took a few hits off a couple joints from the crowd. Getting into the Q&A, ABK got down to business and proved that he and the rest of the Native World crew are far from fading.

The first question came from a ninja wanting to know when ABK will be releasing another record off of Psychopathic. Although no definite answer was given, we have been assured that something will be released fairly soon. As far as a Native World Inc release, Shapeshifter 2 is definitely on the way! Again, there has been no confirmed date, but just know that ya’ll will be hearing something new very soon.

Concerning a question about touring, ABK reconfirmed that The Wake 2 is currently being booked. Along with ABK, supporting artists for the tour will be Razakel, Liquid Assassin, and Bake Lo. If you want to see these super fresh acts in your town, be sure to hit up your local promoters.

Now one question that has been on a lot of our minds is this: when will we get another Tha Have Knots record? Well, ABK was not one to let the Fam down. He made it clear that there will be another album put out sometime this year, hopefully for a Christmas release. That being said, stay on the look out for more Knots flavor!

Going back to Shapeshifter related questions, it has also been confirmed that there will be a few videos released following the unleashing of the album. According to ABK, everything concerning Shapeshifter is all down to funds.

Finally, by now most of ya’ll have probably heard about the juggalo march on DC going down in September 2017. Well, while nothing is really confirmed 100%, ABK did say that he is definitely down to be involved and help get justice for the Fam.

So there you have it! As soon as more information comes in for all of these updates from Anybody Killa, know that it can all be found on True Juggalo Family.

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