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Lucy Owens’ Labor of Love

Art has always been a highly competitive field. For a demographic who is supportive by nature and always eager to get their hands on one of a kind items, creative professionals are finding vast opportunity to thrive in their passions. Many are contributing to the positive evolution of the reputation of Juggalos in orthodox sub- culture.

Like Lucy Owen who is a widely known and professional visual fine artist. Having spent time developing a gallery set of amazing pieces which include art of various mediums, Owen is getting notice for her hard work and fine tuned skills. She is also creating an opportunity for popular culture to peer into an aspect of Juggalo culture, that may offer a level of insight that seems to be scarce.  She has delved deeply into an aspect of Juggalo culture to give non-participants a chance to see the beauty of women who represent the hatchet. 

From the incredibly beautiful impressionistic, to the solid clean-cut of realism – Owen has done an amazing job of portraying something very, very important. Each image of a person – a reminder that each person is unique and an individual; different from anyone else. For a music following that gets a lot of bad rep over the context of lyrical content pertaining to women, many non participants of the fan base have a huge misconception. The standard belief is that women who take part in the Juggalo following are disrespected and disrespectful to themselves, that they are a part of a demographic whose sexisim and chauvinistic take on femininity is derogatory and offensive. The reality is that the women of Juggalo culture are often revered for being hard-working empowered women who stand on what they believe and have not just survived – but also have overcome a lot of hardships and obstacles in their lives.

Owen shines a light on the truth of this matter – composing art which portrays two of the most important factors in eliminating some of the biggest stereotypes that Juggalos – and especially Juggalettes are faced with. We are all people – just like anyone else. We all have a story. We are not the battered girlfriends, wives, sisters and friends of male chauvinists who consider us objects – we’ve busted our asses to be where we are today, we are respected for it by other Juggalos – and we are indestructible.

Set to take reception December 4th 2015, (the night before the second annual Twiztmas Party), Start Gallery (located at 206 E. Grand River Downtown Detroit) will open doors from 6:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. to receive Juggalos, art enthusiasts and eager patrons alike to enjoy Owen’s highly anticipated exhibit, fiercely titled “Beautiful Indestructible Women of the Juggalo World“. The exhibit will be seated at Start Gallery until December 19th, and all ages are welcome. Admission is free – and with Twiztmas following the exhibit reception – it’s a great opportunity to experience Owens’ masterful art, including a top-secret project that included over 200 ninjettes.

Be sure to peep the freshness on Owens’ website, where she shares her beautiful and intricate masterpieces with art lovers around the world.


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