Artist Showcase Saturday: Ghost DTX


10380266_10153813970829989_8970684949999994070_nHello my beautiful ninjas!!! It’s Saturday again!! You know what that means…. It’s time for my A.S.S!!! This week I have a very talented dude named James, aka Ghost DTX. He hails from Dallas, Tx. He is fantastic with the paint and the markers. His latest work was a commission piece that was intended for an anniversary present… It went very well. She loved it! I’ll definitely show you a pic of the piece later on. You guys know the questions come first. With questions, come short intros.. because.. well… I want Ghost to tell you about himself… not me… That being said… let’s roll out these questions!!!

1. Alright.. give us a little history on Ghost DTX

  • My name is James, better known in “the scene” as GHOST DTX (Dallas Texas Ghost).  The nickname came from my high school basketball coach. I wanted to and believed I would be in the NBA. My coach was white and said “What am i gonna call you? The great white ghost?” I played with current NBA point guard Deron Williams growing up. I am currently the Dallas Majik Ninja Ent. and Strange Music Street team lead.

2. What medium do you use?

  • I use #2 pencils, Sharpies (fine and ultra fine) and I sketch with a .05 mechanical pencil. I also use colored pencils, acrylics, watercolor, and oil paints

3. How long have you been creating?

  • I have been creating as long as my parents can remember. I used to recreate storybooks with illustrations. The Three Little Pigs was redrawn at least 19 times growing up

4. Do you have a muse? Something that helps get the juices flowing?

  • My muse would have to be my mind and environments

5. Do you have a favorite artist? Someone who you look up to?

  • Favorite artists would gave to be Zach Woolsey, he designed many Strange Music graphics, logos, as well as Leonardo Davinci for his many inventions. Also JAMIE MADROX. HIS art is unreal

6. Do you have a pre session ritual? Something you have to do before every session?

  • No set ritual, but i love to put on some music and get lost j. Jt, just create what comes

7. What was your favorite game as a kid?

  • Favorite game as a kid had to be “spies”. Me and the homie used to go to the duck pond by my house and would hide from cars passing by.  Also, Toe Jam and Earl for Sega Genesis

8. Where can your new fans find you?

9. Do you do custom art or just what comes out of your brain?

  • I have and yes I love to do commissioned and creative works

10. Have you given your work to anyone famous?

  • Twiztid got an original Halloween oil painting back in ’02 at the Dallas Mirror Mirror in-store and have remembered me since.


Thanks James!!! He’s being modest…What he didn’t mention was he just recently gave a custom piece to Twiztid a month ago and he just gave a Micheal Myers painting to Tech N9ne a couple of weeks ago. I have pictures of both and will show you guys… well shit… what am I waiting for? On with the art!!!!



Pretty talented isn’t he? Be sure to hit him up on that Facebook or Instagram if you want a custom piece… Well… my loves…. That is gonna wrap it up for this week. Check back next week for another showcase. If you or someone you know would like to be showcased… or maybe you want me to showcase someone you know and surprise them.. I can do that too.. shoot me an email at and we can talk. Until next time…



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