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11182804_1601050613446134_2467309755310297116_oWhat’s up, my Ninjas?! Welcome back to another exciting edition of my A.S.S. <~ That’s Artist Showcase Saturday 🙂  This week, we have an incredible street artist. You know those awesome graffiti murals that you see when you drive by? Well… If you live in Oakland California.. You could possible see some work randomly outside. I’m a bit jealous. Graffiti is a beautiful thing.. Anyway…. Ready for the fun stuff?!?!… Let’s go!!!



1. Tell us a little about yourself.. Where are you from:

Well my street art name is Hope, I’ve been doing street art for 7 years and art my whole life. (23 years old). Im from the Murder Mitten but am currently living in Oakland, California! Where my East Bay fam at?! I hitch hiked out here from Michigan 4 years ago, for the first time, and have done 3 cross country hitch hiking trips total.

2. What medium do you use?

I mainly use Montana 94 spray paint for street art and then Prismacolor or Copic markers for blackbook stuff. I venture into anything that interests me in the moment though.

3. How long have you been creating?

Like I said above, I’ve been doing art my whole life. I used to get in trouble in school because I would draw over all my worksheets, books, desks and tests when I was done with them or when I was in the middle of them and took every art class possible, even did jewelry and fabrics because I ran out of art classes to take. I started doing street art at 16, which was influenced by my childhood (horrible) and funny enough, by Linkin Park and the album Meteora (why Linkin Park will always have a place in my heart). I did my first piece of graffiti “vandalism” when I was 13 actually. What I did is still on a side walk in Toledo, Ohio. Didn’t get hardcore into street art until 16 though. Meteora was a very graffiti art driven album, I felt, and that album came about when I BREATHED every word and somehow that got me to embrace my artistic abilities. Ill be creating art until the day I die and even after that ill be carving sketches into the top of my coffin. “graffiti decorations under a sky of dust”

4. Do you have a muse? Something that helps get the juices flowing?

Weed and coffee. I’m practically high 24/7 now. Welcome to Oakland, California. Lol. On the real though, weed helps me with anxiety, depression, pain, etc. I’m one of those people who will be pissed about something, smoke, then be like “the fuck was I mad about?”

5. Do you have a favorite artist? Someone who you look up to?

I honestly don’t. There’s a lot of people that have amazing art, but I don’t have an ultimate favorite. Id say two of the most influential artists on me are Todd Mcfarlane (the creator and illustrator of the Spawn comics. Some of the most beautiful art ever) and Banksy ( hes proven to the world that street art can be more than just letters or a picture on a wall.)

5. Do you have a pre session ritual? something you have to do before every session?

Weed and coffee. Lol. I also bump some music. Varies which genre it is.

7. What was your favorite game as a kid?

I did a lot of stuff growing up. I played in the wilderness a LOT, exploring on my own, catching animals (NEVER hurting. I love animals to death.), building forts, climbing trees, falling out of trees, making stick guns, etc. I had been a gamer pretty much all growing up too, starting first with Duke Nukem in my Uncle’s basement because my Dad didn’t want me playing it XD. Guess what parents? It doesn’t work, they are going to play them anyways. Now I game all the time. I mainly play Diablo 3 at the moment, as well as heroes of the storm. I would say my favorite ACTIVITY as a kid was definitely exploring the wilderness. Even now I still do it. If put in the situation, I would feel perfectly comfortable surviving in the wilderness.

8. How do you choose your locations?

      It varies, the dependent factor being what mood I’m in. Sometimes I just want to go broad day light and paint something, other times I want to be secretive and in ninja mode, other times I want to go to a spot where I don’t have to worry about anything or looking over my shoulder. There’s not one way to choose locations or one way to do street art, its whatever you define it as.9. How do you avoid being caught when you do street art or do you choose relatively safe places?Don’t be seen. If you aren’t concerned about being caught, you let yourself be seen. Some times, yes, I don’t care, and ill tag something right in front of people, but I weigh the vibe and choose to or not, but if I don’t want to get caught at all, I wont ever be seen. You need to think tactically and logically. Entrances, materials and tools needed to enter, escapes, tools needed to escape, another escape, how loud you are, are your cans rattling? Are there leaves on the ground that crack when you walk on them? Is there traffic to drown out the sound of the can spraying? Would it be a problem if there isn’t? are there shadows I can dip into if someone walks by? the list could continue for a few pages. Whats safe and how to avoid being caught depends on the situation and spot, it takes experience to know how to adapt. I paint alone most of the time. Lol.

10. Where can your new fans find you?

    Porn hub is my main site. Lol On the real:

Instagram @hoping_art

Feel free to message me, comment, etc, give me a whoop whoop, whatever! Ill talk to anyone who is kind!



Thank you so much for those incredible answers!! Now… let us go check out the art!!!



Gosh!!! I don’t know about you.. but there is some extra fantastic magic in these pictures. Be sure and check him out.. Also.. tune in next week. If you want to be showcased or know someone who deserves it… shoot me an email.. So.. until next week… keep it wicked.



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