Hello, fam!!! As all of you have noticed, the new site is looking pretty gorgeous. There are drawbacks to the beauty.. we must begin again. BUT!! The showcase must go on! For those who are joining us for the first time, let me explain a little bit about our little corner of the website. It’s called Artist Showcase Saturday and as you can tell by the title… we are here every Saturday and I showcase art.

How does it work, you ask? Well.. I pick an artist, either by submission, word of mouth, or self discovery and show off their work. I always send them my “inquiring minds want to know” questions and every artist has been so amazing with answers.

What kind of art, you ask? ALL KINDS!!! So far we have done photography, colored pencil, paint, charcoal, clay, ink pen! and more, I’m sure. I am always open to submissions for all types of mediums.. which takes us a few lines down…

How do I submit, you ask? It’s as easy as sending an email and telling me that you are interested. It would be helpful if you included a couple of pictures of your work so I can make sure I don’t cover the same medium two weeks in a row. All submissions can go to cameraninjatjf@gmail.com

For my next trick.. I’m going to show you some works from some artists I have showcased on the old website…



There is much more art coming!!! Don’t forget! send your stuff to cameraninjatjf@gmail.com!! Tune in next week where we start bringing you the actual artist for the week. Much love and respect



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