Artist Turns Car Into Atari Video Game Controller


(Photo: Charlie Nye / The Star)

In an exhibit that opened on August 7th at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, patrons can now play the Atari game Pole Position in a 1983 Lancia. Los Angeles car enthusiast and artist Jason Torchinsky accepted the IMA‘s invitation to take on this project.

As visitors sit in the Lancia, they will play the game in a first person view, with video shown on a giant movie screen that is typically used for a summer weekend movie series.  Movie goers will also have an opportunity to play the game before Saturday night movies at the IMA.

This isn’t Torchinsky‘s first go around with the retro hardware.  He once put a bunch of Apple II computers and created an 8-bit symphony with some friends.

The “Pole Position” car, is art that emphasizes experience over object, which positions it within the emerging practice of interaction-focused art — a practice and theory eschewing the traditional notion of collections-based museums.

As the artist T. Allen Lawson once said, “Art is the space between the viewer and the rectangle that hangs on the wall,” referencing the importance of an artgoer’s relationship to the object he or she was seeing.

For more information on the exhibit check out the article it is featured in on IndyStar.