Rob Zombie Takes on BABYMETAL Haters!


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Something I don’t think we see enough of in the music business is artists supporting other artists. Recently Metal injection posted a story about Rob Zombie coming to bat for BABYMETAL. For those of you who don’t know BABYMETAL is a Japanese Medal Idol Band, they are a fusion between Heavy Metal and J-Pop music. These teenage girls are taking the internet by storm and are now touring the world and most recently dates in the US.  They have gotten a lot of mixed reviews from both the US and Overseas music enthusiasts, but in this case, a fellow artist  stuck up for the group. We all know who Rob Zombie is, and he came to bat for the 3  young musicians recently after sombabymetal-haters-rob-zombiee online trolls, started in on the group.

The article continued to talk about how Rob had posted the above photo on his facebook page after a brief encounter backstage with the group when they had both played Carolina Rebellion. Soon after someone posted a not so favorable comment on the photo and Rob let them have it. After the trolls kept commenting on the photo he continued to comment back and stick up for the girls. Something you sometimes will see on fan pages but not always on artist pages from the artist. Eventually, the haters gave up and began taking down their comments for fear of getting a personal attack from Rob himself. Check out some of the comments for yourself.

As we all know trolls rule the interwebs and there will always be haters, but it’s great to see a veteran artist such as Rob Zombie stepping up for the new kids on the block. This was a great article from a fellow media source. To check out the original article for yourself, head on over to Tell us what you think!

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