Ashtrays and Action Figures : Twiztid Takes over the airways!


If you missed it, Ashtrays and Action figures was full of the usual shenanigans of the demented duo, including but not limited to gold papers, poo pourri and your views on the new star war movie. Which for the record, No, I have not seen star wars. I Can only speak for myself not all of our other ninjas. However, consensus is that not too many of the FAM have seen the movie.

The Casket Factory release & Casket Factory Tour  was a big topic throughout the show, they played tracks off of The Casket Factory that drops on Friday during most of the breaks, adding in Lex the Hex Masters new track “Ninjas” towards the end of the show. I wont lie, so far my favorite song off of the album right now is “Necromancy” and would love to hear that live on the Juggalo invasion 420 weekend. But well leave all of that for the album review. Moving on they talked about the Casket Factory release show tomorrow night with special guest The R.O.C! This is a free show with a free meet and greet at 6PM 1 hour before doors! This show is at The Agora in Cleveland ,OH and is an All ages show. If you can make it don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the dead man before he heads out on the road.

Interview with Mike E. Clark we all know him as one of the top producers to a lot of the music we all know and love, during this brief interview they spoke about what he would want to do when he grew up. However, really there was no answer, he talked about how he’s done everything he wants to do and to change it up everyone in a while. They also discussed his hot sauce, which apparently he has updated the recipe. In addition, they spoke about his collections which includes many vinyl’s and some pewee Herman action figures.

5 Questions with Prozak
Starting with what’s next with Prozak, he talked about starting the next film he’s got three potential locations and needs to be in contact with Strange Music about a new album. With the release of black ink this past year, I am eagerly awaiting another release. In Addition, anyone who follows Twiztid on IG while they are on tour knows they are big on grilling, well, so is Prozak they suggested a BBQ off between them, Prozak and maybe Rittz. I know I’d be down to check that out!

12540990_1507929456179692_8310636833628025743_nSome big news to all of our Canadian family out there, Twiztid will be headed to Canada for the Juggalo Invasion Tour this March thru April. This tour will end with the 420 weekend mini tour at the end of the month. Once again Ashtrays and Action Figures was full of good times and laughs. Never disappointed when listening in. They did promise something big for next show, could be anything so you will have to tune in on 1.27.16 to find out! Who knows maybe a release date for Lex the Hex Master or maybe The R.O.C only time will tell.  Head over to for the 5th episode in a few weeks!