It’s Christmas Eve. What better time to listen to your boys Twiztid. In honor of all the freshness Twitzid has uploaded to Youtube, we here at TJF are going to share with you the whole third Episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures. Plus, the two interviews for all those who don’t want to listen to the whole show. You are missing a whole lot of hilarity if you don’t listen to the second part of the episode though.

For the holiday season Twiztid interviewed Santa in their ask 5 questions segment of the show. It’s not the Santa you knew as a kid. Santa has seemed to develop a drinking problem over the years. Twiztid uploaded just the interview for your listening enjoyment. It is also at the beginning of the radio show. It is what the Christmas Episode is all about.

Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 3: 5 Questions with Santa


Then Twiztid also interviewed Blaze Ya Dead Homie. This interview makes up the second half of the first segment of the complete radio show posted below. In the interview you learn all about Casket Factory, Blazes album¬† dropping next month on the 15th.¬† Get the scoop on Blaze’s album going vinyl, his touring plans, and dog shit?

Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 3: Blaze Interview


Lastly, we have the complete third episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures. It’s in two segments. The first segment being mostly the interviews above. The second is just Twiztid’s Christmas hilarity. You know your homies Twiztid are funny as shit! The next episode will be on January 12. Merry Chirstmas, Juggalos!

Ashtrays and Action Figures Christmas Episode Part 1

Ashtrays and Action Figures Christmas Episode Part 2


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