ashtrays and action figures episode 5 recap

Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 5 Recap and Rehash

Well, yours truly tuned in to Twiztid’s now bimonthly radio show. Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 5 held a lot of zesty fun and excitement especially for us here on TJF. The show starts off with the usual hilarious Twiztid banter, fan call-ins and announcements for everything happening with Majik Ninja Entertainment and what was on the schedule for last night’s show. This episode featured 5Questions with a SuperStar Jay Gordon and an interview with Stevie Stone. They also gave a sneak peek of 2 songs from the new Mutant remix and remastered coming out March 4. Plus, domination most of the show was the still undecided Horror Movie Super Bowl. With much, much more. Ashtray and Action Figures is always a delightful 3 hours of life.

As far as new MNE news Twiztid mentioned that more Blaze music videos are coming our way. Not only will we finally get to witnes this Worm Food video we have been hearing so much about, but also there a video coming out for the song “Necromancy” featuring Twiztid and “Who U Lookin’ 4” featuring Boondox. There has been a lot of Blaze talk since he made it to the top 100 of the top 200 Billboard charts with The Casket Factory. Twiztid had to celebrate this accomplishment on the show which started the whole Blaze conversation.

Twiztid took a few calls from fans at the beginning of the show. Some ninja even took some short footage of Twiztid taking a call-in. I believe the caller in the video was someone who had posted some tittie pics on Twitter or something like that. My memory is a bit hazy. But speaking of Twiztid fans. There was one caller who had to thank Twiztid for their generosity. He was broke and didn’t have enough money to get into a show. Seeing his broke ass outside the venue, they comped him a ticket. It’s a lesson in paying it forward ya’ll. If you see a broke ninja that can’t get into a show, buy their ticket. And, maybe when your a few bones short of a show you might find the same generosity in return.

5 questions with jay gordon of orgy Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 5’s special segment 5 Questions with a SuperStar hosted guest Jay Gordon, founding member of Orgy. After Monoxide got his pants back on they got to the 5 question countdown.

5- Is there any relation to commissioner Gordon? Of course, he answers No.

4- What other type of music would you like to do? Jamie’s mind is blown away when he answers Trap!

3- How was working with John Davis of Korn? Jay Gordan had nothing but good things to say amoung them were:

-Sick Producer   -Good Friend     -Super Talented

2- What is your favorite place in the world to play? This was a tough question as both Jay and Twiztid agree that it’s hard to remember venues’ names though one of the best city’s to play in is London. But, overall Jay picked The Jewel in New Hampshire.

1- This is a staple question asked every episode. Marry, Fuck, Kill? Twiztid picks 3 famous women and the guest picks which one they will marry, fuck, and kill. Jay had a hard time with first three women they choose, Lzzy Hale, Dee Wallace (mom for E.T), and Mortica Addams. Right away he picked Mortica to fuck and then admitted her couldn’t really pick the rest because he didn’t really know them even after the explanation of who they were. So, Twiztid picked three more women though it didn’t make his chooses easier. It came down to fucking Pamela Anderson, marrying Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, and killing Michelle Obama.

Being a show about Action Figures they related some action figure new on our asses. First off, there is a new Annabell doll being sold come August for 84.99. Though I’m with Twiztid in the fact that it would probably become a very regretful purchase. What a fucking creepy thing to have. Dolls are already creepy. Then there news of a new line of Ghostbuster action figures in 2016 which be exclusively all the female characters. Twiztid promised to post a pic of these new Ghostbuster action figures on their Intagram.

ashtrays and action figures interview with stevie stoneStevie Stone was the special guest interview for Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 5. It is no wonder since Stevie is performing in the Be My Bloody Valentines Weekend this year. They chop it up about business, action figures, comics and more. Stevie related how he is much busier working with Strange Music as opposed to Ruthless. But they go on to discuss how that is how the industry has changed. Everything just moves faster now a days with all the new social networks. Jamie asked Stevie whether he was a Marvel or a DC fan as a kid. Without hesitation Stevie picked Marvel. Speaking of his newest album Malta Bend Stevie answers why it’s different than his previous work. Malta Bend expresses why he is how he is, it goes deep and personal with songs about his mother and his own past living in Malta Bend. Stevie when asked about his favorite childhood action figure related that He-Man and Skeletor were his favorites. Then they finished up with talking about gearing up the 2016 Powerhouse Tour.

Ashtray and Action Figures Episode 5 was dominated by the Horror Movie Super Bowl. All through out the show they were asking fans for the best Horror Movies. they posted a brace half way through the show of the first picks. Then during the last part of the show flipped a coin to determine winners.  By the end of the show the Super Bowl was down to the two top contenders The Conjuring and Halloween 2. You can vote for your pick on Twitter by hashtaging #Halloween2 or the #Conjuring and maybe a #horrormoviesuperbowl tag also.

One of our staff members called in to the show last night. If you haven’t heard we a planning to build a Yellow Brick Alley to the Wizard of the Hood show with glow sticks. We are selling T-shirts in order to fund this massive undertaking. We here at TJF are super stoked Twiztid was hella down with the idea seeing at they are part of the a show. Go get yourself a dope t-shirt for a dope cause, ninja! Not to mention we are also in affiliation with Scrub Care Unit on this and more things to come in the future (especially at the Gathering).

Yellow Brick Alley shirt

That’s all I’m recapping and rehashing today, ninjas! You’ll have to wait for the replay post to hear all the freshness that Ashtray and Action Figures Episode 5 spreads to your eardrums. Ya know we’ll keep ya posted on that. Next month they are hosting two more shows, Feb. 10 and 24. The Super Star for the 5 Questions segment will be Billy Danze of MOP (Mosh Pit Posse). Episode 6 will also include an exclusive interview with Ron Jeremy.

ashtrays and action figures

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