Ashtrays And Action Figures Episode 6 Recap

Ashtrays and Action Figures


Last night was episode six of Twiztid’s radio show, Ashtrays and Action Figures. Although the airings have been cut back to two hours once again, as always, there was no shortage of laughs. The two talked about recent events and one upcoming holiday, also known as Valentine’s Day.

Starting off, the Demented Duo brought back a conversation from the previous episode about their very own “Horror Movie Super Bowl”. There were many competitors, so to speak, but the two movies left standing were The Conjuring and Halloween 2. With a 73% vote from the Fam, the clear winner of Twiztid’s first ever “Horror Movie Super Bowl” was Halloween 2John Carpenter would be proud.

Next on the agenda, banter began to take shape in the form of actual “Super Bowl” talk. This conversation wasn’t so much about the football or the teams involved, but more so centered around the commercials. Every year, most people look forward to what crazy or funny commericals will be aired during the “Super Bowl”, and Madrox and Monoxide were certainly no exception. Unfortunately, neither were impressed with any one of the ads. Aside from Jamie admitting to enjoying the commercial involving superheroes (there could never be any question about that), both artists noted that the rest were simply let-downs. In fact, they would have liked to see some ads for upcoming film Superman V Batman or perhaps Deadpool. Nonetheless, they took to the phone lines to hear what the Fam listening in had to say. However, that attempt didn’t get very far. Both callers seemed to not even know where they were, one even being so bold as to ask who they were talking to! As if that isn’t crazy in itself, Monoxide got frustrated enough with the first caller that he asked them to put their mom on the phone, instead! More whacked-out than that, the caller actually did! So with said mother on the phone, the duo got a nice conversation out of some random ninja’s mother about her thoughts on the “Super Bowl”.

After a music break, the show returned to jabber on about the proclaimed “day of love”, Valentine’s Day. Twiztid went on to discuss whether or not they celebrate it, as well as bringing up an idea for a gift. Mentioning a creation to replace regular roses by forming ketchup flavored Doritos into that shape, the topic turned into a short dialogue about their upcoming tour in Canada. Of course, the conversation wasn’t strayed for long because upon returning to it, it was decided that the phone lines should be hit up once again. This time, just the ladies were asked to give their opinion on whether they would prefer a real bouquet to a Doritos bouquet from their juggalos.


In a landslide decision, it appears that most ninjettes would be perfectly happy with a bouquet of delicious Doritos from their significant other for that special day. When asked if they’d pick another type of food, though, the popular choices were pizza and tacos. As for the duo, they’d like to see a frankfurter bouquet.

Coming back from another quick music break, the Fam were introduced to a brand new segment to air every month! In this segment, Monoxide will share with us his favorite weed strains. For the very first, he gave insight to two different strains, one Indica and the other Sativa. His choices were Lemon Larry and Green Crack, or Green Kush for those who don’t want to be associated with being a crackhead. The segment continued with Monoxide giving his take on how each strain effects you, as well as a tip on where to get great quality glass pieces from. He recommends Zong Glass, which can be found on their Instagram under the username “zongglass”.

With the end of the newest segment came the “5 Questions” segment, which featured Billy Danze of M.O.P.! As always, he was asked the hard-hitting questions, as well as a couple just for the fun. In fact, we even found out what his favorite strain is and who he’d rather marry if he had to choose.

Following the “5 Questions”, a round of “Guess That Movie” went into play and was actually discovered on the first guess! Congratulations to Evil Tracy, who will be receiving an exclusive prize pack, filled with goodies from the Majik Ninja Entertainment offices! Will she get someone else’s birthday card? Maybe an old pack of gum? Who knows!

Moving right along, Twiztid finally got the opportunity to interview the one and only Ron Jeremy! The interview got pretty in-depth, but not everything was serious, of course. They got to talking a lot about Jeremy’s extensive career, as well as what he’s named his most important acting “asset”. Lasting until the very end of the show, we were able to find out a lot about Ron Jeremy that many of us may not have know. Remember, there is always more than meets the eye!

To end, Madrox and Monoxide laid down some information about upcoming happening within Majik Ninja Entertainment. They reminded us that “Be My Bloody Valentine” Weekend is coming up, as well as The Casket Factory tour that is happening right now, and both the “Juggalo Invasion Tour” for Canada and the United States. Add to that, the exclusive Freek Show vinyl will shipping out early for March 11th, along with Mutant.

Last but certainly not least, episode seven of Ashtrays and Action Figures will be airing on February 24th from 6-8PM EST. The upcoming episode is set to feature an interview with John 5, guitarist for Rob ZombieSid Haig will also be joining in for the “5 Questions” segment! Be sure to tune in for the next episode.

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