Ashtrays and Action Figures Episode 7 Recap

Ashtrays and Action Figures

What’s up, ninjas? Last night was in fact episode seven of Twiztid’s radio show, Ashtrays and Action Figures. The two-hour show was, as always, full of laughs and inappropriate shenanigans. Although, could we expect any less from the Demented Duo? Of course not! So with that in mind, ya’ll can imagine what Madrox and Monoxide got up to, including who their special guests were and what was discussed throughout the airing.

To start, the two mentioned a bit of what has been dubbed Snowmageddon 2016. Unfortunately for Madrox, he nearly got sucked into the snow while driving to the Dojo for Ashtrays and Action Figures. Luckily, though, he made it there with all body parts attached and was able to have a good time with the Fam. Getting into a more detailed talk, the duo went into some superhero discussion concerning upcoming movies. They consider 2016 to be a year of redemption for all things superheroes, more heavily commenting on Ben Affleck and his role as the new Batman. Will this role be Affleck’s vindication? Or will it be yet another mishap since his previous role as Daredevil was a serious letdown? In Madrox’s eyes, the character of Batman may be served well through Affleck, though he is still on the fence about it. He admits that the teasers have been interesting and the acting seems decent, but it may take some more convincing for Jamie to be completely sold on the idea.

As for the film Suicide Squad, this is a topic that Madrox is not the least bit thrilled about. He says that he has no interest in seeing it and wouldn’t lose any sleep whether he watched or not, adding that he’d prefer the original Harley Quinn character role as opposed to what will be portrayed in the new film. Going back to the Batman topic, Twiztid turned to the phone lines to hear from the Fam, while dubbing Affleck as Batffleck. As it turns out, the majority of callers agreed that they would give him the chance to redeem himself as Gotham’s hero.

After a quick music break, the duo moved onto an interview with legendary guitar player, John 5! The questions went into detail of his extensive career, involving the likes of Marilyn Manson in the past and Rob Zombie currently. Following a couple questions regarding favorite childhood toys and collecting, it seems that John 5 may have developed a new bromance and unjust love type of relationship with Madrox. After all, I think we can all agree that one of Jamie’s favorite things to talk about involves toys and collectibles.

Moving on from the interview with John 5Monoxide went into discussion of the recent Cannabis Cup in Denver. He listed off a few of the winners involved in the event, including Grape Stomper OG being named the number one indica flower and Monoxide’s beloved Phuncky Feel Tips voted as the best glass art. This topic then branched out to the boys wondering what the name of their own weed strain would be. Once again relying on the phone lines, there were many great name choices given. Among the favorites were Majik Ninja Kush dubbed MNK, Madroxide as a way to incorporate both of their stage names, and Maniac Nugget Extravaganza to represent MNE. However, Madrox and Monoxide agreed that the sixth caller’s answer was one of the best; Murderjuana.

A poll will be set up through Twitter so that ya’ll can vote on YOUR favorite, which will be announced on episode eight!

Next on the night’s agenda was “5 Questions With A Super Star”, where the guest chosen was the one and only horror icon, Sid Haig! The detailed questions went into topics such as Sid’s long list of film projects- which is currently up to 139- as well as what it was like to work on set with Adam West during the original Batman television series.

Following the talk with Sid, the duo went into a quick round of “Guess The Movie”, which was amazingly guessed by only the third caller!

Finally, Twiztid gave listeners the devastating news that Lex the Hex Master will be dropping his debut music video tomorrow! The video for “Bomb On Em'” will be up on Twiztid Shop at 3PM EST. Don’t miss out!

To close out, I’ll remind ya’ll that episode eight of Ashtrays and Action Figures will air on Wednesday, March 9th from 6-8PM EST. Be there!

Ashtrays and Action Figures

UPDATE: You can now listen to episode 7 in two separate segments! Check out the interviews with John 5 and Sid Haig, as well!

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