Ashtrays And Action Figures Episode 8 To Feature Horror Icons

Ashtrays and Action Figures

What’s up, juggalos? Tomorrow night will be home to the eighth episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures! Each episode is usually full of interesting topics and plenty of hilarity, but we can’t forget about the guests that always appear at some point during the streaming. That being said, this week’s episode is set to feature two horror icons; Linnea Quigley and Michael BerrymanQuigley is probably most notable for her role in The Return Of The Living Dead, but has been in over fifty movies throughout her extensive career, the majority within the horror genre. Meanwhile, Berryman’s roles in The Devil’s Rejects and The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2 are certainly fan favorites.

Catch them both in the interview and “5 Questions With A Super Star” segments tomorrow night from 6-8PM EST!

Ashtrays and Action FiguresAshtrays and Action Figures

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