Is Making Fun Of Juggalos a Bigotry?

Making Fun Of Juggalos

Vinnie Monaster, aka Vinnie the ICP Kid, posts the daily answer to his column, “Ask A Juggalo.”  The title of the article is, “Is making fun of Juggalos one of the last acceptable forms of class bigotry?”  Here’s the complete question, and partial answer from Vinnie.

Q: “I read in an article that “making fun of Juggalos is one of the last acceptable forms of class bigotry.” What do you think about that statement?”

A: You know, this goes back to younger times in our lives, when, for whatever reason, picking on somebody or putting somebody down made you feel better. Unfortunately, showing bigotry is and always has been part of our culture as Americans. If you don’t understand it, you mobilize, attack, and destroy it. It’s easy for somebody to try to blow out our everlasting burning flame and try to make their flame burn a little brighter. But the joke is on them. We, as Juggalos, will always have the last laugh…”

View the rest of Vinnie Monaster’s answer in the article in the hyperlink found in the first paragraph.