Ask A Juggalo: Mixed Drinks and Juggalo DayAsk A Juggalo

This weeks Ask A Juggalo with Vinnie Monaster is available for viewing on Detroit Metro Times!  This week Vinnie The ICP Kid aka Vinnie Monaster is asked “Can you recommend any particularly delicious mixed drinks to make with Faygo?” and “Is there a Juggalo holiday?”

I am particularly interested in the first question as I’ve been known to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or three in my time.  My personal favorite is mixing Faygo Root Beer with Jager.  The Jager really brings out the Root Beer flavor and adds a certain sweetness.  It tastes like a Root Beer candy.  Let’s see what Vinnie has to say about it.

Absofuckinglutely. Rock & Rye and Hennessey is absolutely delicious. Cotton Candy and plain Absolut Vodka — I know there are 50 fucking million flavors these days, but by all means the brand-new cotton candy and Absolut vodka is absolutely amazing. I care for Silver Patron and Moon Mist. That’s absolutely tasty if you will. And then my personal drink of choice would be traditional, straight-up Crown Royal and Faygo Cola. Those are definitely all wonderful, delicious beverages and alcoholic mixtures that are Vinnie the ICP kid-tested and Juggalo-approved. Delicious. Make it a little softer if you will. I mean with those concoctions, the main ingredients — that’s the focal point. Ultra delicious.

I’ve never thought about Rock & Rye with Hennessey, but that does sound amazing.  Rock & Rye is harder for me to find here in Indianapolis.  Maybe I can get a ninja to hook me up at the Gathering *wink wink nudge nudge*.  As for the Juggalo Holiday.  Here is what Vinnie says about that.

Yes. The Juggalo holiday is “Juggalo Day.” It is Feb. 17. It started a few years back and it’s been really fucking awesome since they have decided to team it up with a concert, kind of like a weekend shindig. Juggalo Day is our annual holiday and that’s just our way of remembering our importance in the Juggalo community. It’s something we look forward to each and every year. It’s something that I wish would’ve started many years ago, but you look forward to the future and, hey, who knows what this next Juggalo day will offer?