Ask A Juggalo

It A Sin To Listen To ICP ?

Today Vinnie the ICP Kid was asked, “Being an ICP kid, what is something that is not available currently that you would totally appreciate?”  In his, Ask A Juggalo, column, he provides his answer.

“I would personally love to have access to a smartphone application that is linked and synced to Facebook that offers rewards for hatchet gear, an application that is similar to, say, My Vegas Slots, which is basically run on the same premise. You would play slots to win rewards and benefits for hatchet gear’s mothership website. I think it would be totally awesome. Instead of it being rewards to get free hotel rooms or free food or free shows or whatever, I would love to see a hatchet gear application that would benefit you through ordering their merchandise, and people would play their asses off. I think that would be a huge benefit on both ends: to Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse and, and to all the Juggalos, because I sure as hell love playing My Vegas to build for my next adventure over in Las Vegas. It would be a fun thing for us Juggalos to do. And an ICP slot machine is definitely, definitely overdue.”

You can view Vinnie Monaster’s entire article at the Detroit Metro Times.

I like that idea, for there to be a ICP slot machine to earn points and free stuff for hatchetgear merchandise.  In my own personal opinion, if they did make an application like this for the merchandise, why not another one for future gatherings?