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Asking Alexandria drops “Here I Am” video

asking alexandria

Hello True Juggalo Family!

As we all heard in the GOTJ 2016 Infomercial, Asking Alexandria will be performing this year. If you like bands such as As I lay Dying, Killswitch Engage or Bullet for My Valentine, your ears will feel right at home.

Asking Alexandria is an English Metalcore band. For those who don’t know what “Metalcore” is, it is a blend of hardcore metal and punk rock. You have probably heard of their name, music or seen their shirts at Hot Topic, as they have been in the music industry for 8 years. This band is no strangers to music festivals as they just finished Rock on the Range, numerous Vans Warped Tours, Rockstars Mayhem Festival, Knotfest 2015- the list goes on! They have played and toured with just about every metal rock god known!

I have seen them live at Rockstars Mayhem Festival 2012, and this band literally had the biggest mosh pit I have ever seen! They certainly musically add the appropriate times to mosh! They will have crazy huge pits this year at GOTJ 2016. Asking Alexandria also released their fourth album The Black on March 25, 2016. This album has more of a classic rock and roll and heavy metal vibe. These guys are very entertaining to watch onstage and an act you don’t want to miss!

Let’s show them what Juggalo love is! Remember, they are here to entertain us and have been selected by Psychopathic to come out and even agree to play the show. Take out all your anger in the brutal pit.

Asking Alexandria current members-  Denis Stoff – Vocals, Ben Bruce – Guitar, Sam Bettley – Bass, Cameron Liddell – Guitar, James Cassells – Drums

Asking Alexandria Official website

Today, they premiered the new video for Here I Am, Check it out and get the lyrics here: Asking Alexandria Here I Am Lyrics

Side Note: How crazy awesome was it that a butterfly landed on my Hatchetman in my Asking Alexandria shirt? It was a sign of things to come!


~ MzHollyw00d

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