Backwards Capatability Coming To XBox One

Xbox One
I’m doing my best to bring y’all all the biggest E3 announcements as they are released this week, and I couldn’t pass this up. You read the headline right fam, backwards compatibility is coming to Xbox One! In fact, if you are in the preview program(and if you are please send me an email then you should already have access to it via the beta update! Over 100 games will be made available from disk releases to XBLA releases. It will only take permission from game developers for Microsoft to add more games to the list. While the full list is not made official, the update is said to be coming out to preview members as early as today, and the holiday season for everybody else!  Disk games will require installation just like every other Xbox One game, so I would suggest clearing some hard drive space,or picking up an external hard drive.  If you do pick up an external drive make sure that it is USB 3.0 compatible as that is the only usb cable Xbox One will work with.



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